Search terms. Y’all some fools!

Not trying to embarrass you guys, but I’ve told you before that I can see what terms you’ve used to arrive at my blog.  I post the best ones here.  I warned you.  #Sorrynotsorry

So the best, since the last time I did this?  (And don’t worry, I’ll remain true to the atrocious spelling that was on the list.)

  • boobs boobs wordpress (Okay weirdo, one boob is enough.  And since last time, the boob talk in my search terms has EXPLODED)
  • how to poop before a run (Uhhh.)
  • Not sure if this is english or not, but, my sister use thang
  • girls in sports bras with nice boobs (Why thank ya!)
  • can I spot train booty (Nope. Do your cardio sweetheart, and let the chips fall where they may.)
  • marathon training constantly hungry (I feel your pain.)
  • i’m drunk so here’s my butthole
  • moving comfort thong for men. (Just….no sweetie.)

And finally…drumroll please!

  • yo cat smell like fish mcbites

Thank you for playing, guys.  You make this job hysterical.

4 thoughts on “Search terms. Y’all some fools!

  1. Girl. I feel ya. I haven’t been at this as long as you, but one of my favorites had to be, “grandmothers bar saxaphone.”

    1. Yeah, I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone when they came and there were no pictures of my breasts. Apparently, there are some blogs where they do that…

  2. This seriously just made my day! Also how do you find out how people are getting to your blog?? I need to do this!

    1. So if you go to your Dashboard, it will show you how people have searched the blog this week. Toggle it to “all time” and you should be able to see the entire list on how people have searched your blog!

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