Easter Sunday OOTD + my little spill…

Easter Sunday was beautiful in North Carolina, and one of the first Sundays I was able to go out and run for a little while outside because it finally wasn’t gross and rainy all day!  We’re not big church folks, so instead of going to church, I straightened up, and by straightened up, I mean I pretended to straighten up for about 10 minutes before I got sick of it and started blogging and catching up on the DVR I missed out on.  But, the day wasn’t complete without me putting on this ModCloth dress for Easter Dinner…DSC_0310

photo 1

I actually bought it for the Jingle Ball back in October, for only like $160.  And I say only because it was actually normally priced for such a nice dress, but I had it rushed because I’m an idiot and I waited until three days before the even to get the dress, and then I had to have it rushed.  I actually had to go to a sketchy part of town to pick in up from a UPS spot because it arrived literally  the day before the event.  I ordered a size 6 and prayed.  Thankfully it ended up fitting, but this time when I slipped it on, it was actually a little loose around the midsection.  I don’t think I’ve lost any weight, save for maybe a couple of racing pounds, but the weight lifting is really rearranging things.  My tummy and my waist are totally loving it!

DSC_0308PS, I’m totally loving our real camera!  One of these photos was taken on an iPhone, and the detail on the DSLR doesn’t even compare!

The Spill

So last night, after Easter Dinner, I headed home, and immediately proceeded to lock my keys in my car.  I had everything in my arms, my camera, a half-gallon of coffee I’d manage to snitch from the dinner, and cups to go with it, and has I was wobbling toward the stairs to go into my house, I fell down, cracked my phone (two days after getting it, mind you), sprained my thumb, and had to collect all of my coffee cups that were now rolling around on the sidewalk.  I could hear Coco freaking out inside.

So I did what any rational female would do at 11:00 pm, and I wedged the screen off of my front window which I’d locked.


I Googled AAA, called them, and then proceeded to fall asleep on my front porch.  Yes, fall asleep on my front porch.  

37 People Who Failed So Spectacularly They Almost Won

Luckily, I woke up in time to meet the AAA guy, who told me something along the lines of “You look spectacular” or something (I know, honey), and got into my apartment, and into my PJs with my sprained thumb with just enough time to stalk a few folks on social media.

Oh, and Austin says he’s not paying for my new phone, that I have to buy it myself.

I nailed Easter Sunday. Nailed it.

How was your Easter Sunday!  


13 thoughts on “Easter Sunday OOTD + my little spill…

  1. LOL! In that animated gif you posted at the end, when the female model falls in the pool, the male model doesn’t even acknowledge it. What a jerk! Yeah, I know you’re working the catwalk, but come on dude, show a little compassion! 🙂

    Hope the thumb is feeling better today?

    1. Thumb feels okay, I just jammed it pretty good. Last night it was a little bit swollen, but I will be okay with some Aleve. That’s what I get for being the klutz ever, right?

  2. oh no!!! That sucks about your phone! And getting locked out. If it makes you feel any better I’ve done that to myself at least um…6 times? I was very close to my AAA agent for a period of my life 🙂

    You looked awesome in the dress though!

    1. Thank you! I have locked myself out so many times!

      The worst part was, I had lost my keys on Sunday morning in the house, and I could tell Austin was annoyed with me, so I was like “Okay, I will do a better job from now on!” Not so….

  3. Hope this doesn’t sound too stalker-like, but I think I know where you live or at least where these photos were taken! No need for details since there could be some actual stalkers out there! I lived there when I first moved to NC. Loved the secluded nature of the grounds and the property manager was super nice. Hope your thumb is feeling better. Have a great day!

    1. AHHHH I am so happy that someone knows where that is. It’s nice to live there because it’s so close to the greenway 🙂 my thumb is feeling okayyy but I need to just stop begin so damned clumsy!

  4. Oh my gosh you look AMAZING, especially in that first pic, so sassy! I once locked my car keys in my car while it was running and in my driveway. And the cell phone was in the cup holder. And I couldn’t get in my house because the house keys were on the keychain with the car keys obviously. Massive fail.

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