My take on Miz Deen. (And then, can we please be done talking about her?)

I’m sort of getting sick of seeing the aggressive Facebook statuses and Tweets, fiercely defending America’s (formerly, whoops!) chef in light of the latest firestorm she’s under.

In my eyes, Paula’s got a few strikes against her.  She doesn’t really cook for  folks like me, who run and like to watch what they eat and watch their calories.  And I always sort of felt the whole hiding her diagnosis thing while she continued to cook the same way was sort of shady.  But I wasn’t eating her cooking really, so if she wants to be sneaky, I mean that’s her prerogative.  But this latest thing raised my eyebrows for sure.

In case you’ve been living under any sort of rock, here’s kind of the run-down.

Click to kind of inspect.

Okay, so Paula admits to having used the n-word, among some other racially questionable decisions. And what I’m hearing a lot of? This. 

Ben Gann

Okay. Uh. Alright. So quick story, and we’ll get back to my verdict on Paula Deen.

So when I was like 16, I was taking my brother trick-or-treating. He was dressed as the red power ranger, and we were having a blast.  A few kids from my high school rolled up on us in a pickup, threw something, (I think it was eggs or pumpkin or something), and shouted, “Hey nigger, nigger, nigger!” while my  brother looked on.  There was really nothing that made me special or different from any of those kids except for the fact that I was black.  And they chose to use that against me, and ruin not only mine, but my young brother’s Halloween memories for the rest of his life.  That word, as well as many other slurs completely sucks, and choosing to say “who hasn’t said it,” or “why can’t I say it if they can,” are not acceptable responses to this sort of thing.  And P.S., there are a lot of us who don’t use words like that, famous or not.  Okay!

My verdict?  I feel for Paula Deen.  I feel so badly that this whole thing is coming when when racially, our country is on pins and needles.  There’s a lot going on.  There’s the whole Affirmative Action decision the Supreme Court came down with.  There’s the whole George Zimmerman trial.   There’s Trayvon’s Martin’s lawyer’s star witness.  And there’s just a lot of tension.  So I feel for her.  I’m sorry she lost her job(s).  I’m sorry that one by one, everyone seems to be dropping her, from Wal-Mart to her publisher.  And I’m sorry that she feels so sad and hurt by the fact that people now perceive her as racist (probably not as sad as the people she was referring to as the n-word, but she’s a granny, she gets a little sympathy).  But she made a bad decision when she continued to choose to use words that she’s really not supposed to say.  I wish the best for her and her businesses, I truly do.  And I hope that perhaps, her children and grandchildren haven’t learned those bad words from her, and will not continue to use them.  However, I hope her missteps are a lesson to folks.  Hateful language is just that, hateful, and calling folks any sort of disparaging names, can sometimes come back to bite you in the butt.  Paula, I accept your tearful a-Paula-gees (hee hee), but just do better next time, Granny, and I’m sure Wal-Mart will take you back.


2 thoughts on “My take on Miz Deen. (And then, can we please be done talking about her?)

  1. I feel exactly as you do, and I’ve been horrified that I’ve seen so much support for this woman’s words and actions. I wasn’t surprised when my conservative friends shouted their hurrahs, but I’ve been absolutely floored by the amount of support I’ve seen from the black community. I despise how racially divided this country is, but none of us who are progressive can be quiet about discrimination. It’s the primary reason we are all sick of events such as Paula’s indiscretions. It sadly brought to light that racism is indeed alive and well in the good old US of A (as if we didn’t already know this). The point is that there are people who have put down their feet and proclaimed they’re not going to take it. For that I say, Bravo! Bravo sponsors who withdrew contracts! I don’t hate Paula Deen, but I sure don’t think she deserves to be lauded for having a backwards white superiority complex that no one is entitled to have in this century.

    1. The support is surprising. Like I said, I feel bad that some of her livelihood has been taken away, because I know jobs are hard to come by. However, she made a really poor decision, in fact, more than a few poor and hurtful decisions, and I can’t stand by that.

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