The case for wearables.

I got a Fitbit after I registered me and Austin for one as a wedding present.

Correction: I did not register for anything.  I owe my life to Chelsie, my bridesmaid, who, when I was overwhelmed registering, went to Target and she registered me for everything I needed, with a few requests from me.

So once I got the Fitbit, the Fitbit Flex, I was absolutely hooked to that thing.  At $99, it wasn’t a huge investment, but it really shifted the way I did things.  I synced it to my computer and my phone, and immediately started adding friends on their network.  Though I was already pretty active, I was able to actually visualize how much movement I was getting throughout the day.  I could figure out when were peak times for me, and what tough times were for me (Sundays when I didn’t meet my running friends and wanted to watch Bravo all day.)  I started getting really competitive with my friends and was really impressed with how good the customer service was when I lost my Fitbit drunk twice.  Once at my sister’s wedding afterparty, and once at Elon Homecoming.  Hence the sober month I’m taking right now.

After my time with the Flex, I upgraded to the Surge.  I felt like it was sort of weird to wear my Flex at the same time I was wearing my Garmin – like I just had too much on.  The Flex boasted GPS as well as step tracking, so once I got it, and witnessed personally how quickly the Surge hooked up to satellites, it really rendered my Garmin pretty obsolete.

The Fitbit Surge. Great as your everyday wearable, but also awesome for runs and cross training.
The Fitbit Surge. Great as your everyday wearable, but also awesome for runs and cross training.

The case for wearables/should I get one?

I’m already active.  But a Fitbit, or similar products (Garmin has ’em, Pebble, and Jawbone are some of the big players in the game), really, to me increases your awareness.  You may think you’re active, when in reality, you get one 25-minute run in a day, and sit at your desk the rest of the day.  While your run is excellent, it’s not going to cut it always, and you have to keep moving around to meet your daily minimums.  These tools are awesome for figuring out where you are, and where you might need to go.

So are you a person that loves apps?  Do you love data?  Do numbers really speak to you?  Then a “wearable” is for you.  If that stuff isn’t really your jam, I always encourage figuring out what your “love language” is as it pertains to working out and keeping yourself on track and accountable.  But for me, counting, visualizing, and competing works.

Do you use a wearable?  Wear a Fitbit?  

How long have you been wearing one?  

What do you like/dislike about it?

7 thoughts on “The case for wearables.

  1. I got a Fitbit for Christmas and I love it! My only complaint is that the part that does not bend (around the display) is a little uncomfortable, so I have not worn it to bed. I am interested in the sleep tracking though.

  2. My husband and I both got Fitbit Charge HRs while we were in the U.S. for the holidays this year. We had UP24s before and liked them and the motivation it gave us to get more steps and exercise overall, but they both died within 9 months of purchasing them and since we live in China we couldn’t do much about replacing them. I like that the Fitbit has a watch like buckle so I don’t have to bend and risk breaking it every time I take it on or off, as we suspect that is what killed our UPs. I’ve also been really enjoying the Tracking feature for outdoor exercise in the U.S. and am curious to see how well it works here in China. I’m keeping my expectations low, because internet and connectivity is not always very good here. Finally, the heart rate monitor is a big bonus for me as I’m working on losing some weight and improving my overall health and I think it gives me a slightly more accurate picture of my workouts, calories burned, etc. having that information. I know what I need to do to be healthy, but the Fitbit is that extra motivator to get in a little more activity or get a little more sleep if needed.

    1. You would be so surprised. My job is very active, but if I don’t make a conscious effort to do something like go for a little run or hop on a machine for like 25-30 minutes, I won’t get to where I need to be.

      I got my dad a Charge on Black Friday and he’s been so amazing – makes sure he parks far away, goes on walks around the house, and they just rescued a little dog to go on walks and things. So proud!

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