Weekend Buzz

So, I totally hope you guys had an awesome weekend – I sure did!  It went by way way too fast, and I don’t feel like I got to spend enough time with Austin, but I’m hoping to make up for some of it this week.

So, after I did wine with Matthew on Friday night, and taught Zumba, I headed to the Raleigh Half Ironman expo to grab some cowbells, because come Sunday morning, I had plans to wake up early, cheer on some Half Ironman and Half Iromwomen, and grab brunch with one of my best friends in the entire world.

Let’s review really quickly.  So for those of you who are unfamiliar (cause prior to last year, I was!) with what a Half Ironman is, a Half Ironman (often denoted as 70.3), is a triathlon that involves a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile (whew!) bike ride, and a half marathon at the end (13.1 miles), to top it off.  I spectated last year, and had such a great time, that I went for it again this year.


We started off by spectating some of the guys that would be considered elite.


DSC_0710DSC_0711We changed locations to meet up with the Lemons (the cool chickaroos from Lululemon)



Caitlin, on the left, was giving out free hugs, and it was really really cute to see folks stop, look really relived, and then go in for a big, sweaty hug.  At one point, she said she had to spit someone else’s sweat out of her mouth (GROSS!!?) but she was an awesome sport about it.

After I cheered and cowbelled for the Ironmen and ladies, I headed down to a carwash closer to the north side that had been revamped, and that was doling out free carwashes.  Since I’m on a budgeting kick, I could not justify paying to wash my car, so I went and got a wash, and vacuumed it out as well.

DSC_0720DSC_0719I’ve got to admit, the part where I put my car in neutral, and just sort of rode along was a little scary, and I’m not sure I’d like to do that again.

And finally, I was inspired by the folks from this morning that I topped this busy day off with a run.

How was your weekend?  

OMG PS ONE LAST THING!!!!!!!!!!  I finally registered for my Body Pump Training – so as of mid-July, I am going to Wilmington to get trained to teach Body Pump.  I am SO excited!!!!  Can you tell by all the exclamation points?

6 thoughts on “Weekend Buzz

    1. Surely! I love Zumba because it was my gateway drug into working out all the time. I would just go into the licensing process with an open mind – they will throw a lot of info at you. Over the next month in prep, I would take as many classes as humanly possible and try to observe a few things – pick out songs you like and might want to use in your own classes, see how each instructor cues, see if the instructor uses a mic, or even approach an instructor you might be really close with and ask him/her if you can even guest teach a song or two. After you do that, put a class together, and if you’re comfortable you can start to teach.

      If you decide you really love it, I would look into doing your AFAA group exercise cert, and then start branching out and trying/teaching other classes, because I think some of the most valuable instructors are those who can teach multiple formats.

      Finally, email me, and I will give you my # if you have any further questions, cause I am MORE than happy to help!

  1. I saw you out on the run course on Sunday! I saw you cheering with the Lululemon girls and I thought you looked so familiar but couldn’t place you until later in the race when I realized it was from reading your blog. No clue if you remember seeing me but I was wearing a light blue visor and had just taken an orange slice by you guys and you said something to me so I gave you an orange filled smile! 🙂

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