Week 1 of Marathon Training.

So, I started training for the Greensboro Marathon this week.  I’m about 17 weeks out, so the mileage is totally manageable, but the “training” has been fraught with tragedy.

Got it, Kim.

But I caught some sort of stomach bug and have been queasy since last weekend, a little dehydrated, and it’s made these short, humid, hilly little runs a little challenging.  I’ve done them.  But it’s been hard.  So that little bit of doubt starts to creep in.  If I can’t even get through 5 miles without vomiting, how will I do 26.2?!

Chill, Cherisse.  You’ve done one of these before.  You have the stomach flu.  And you’ll be better when you replace your fluids and electrolytes.

Let the marathon madness begin!

One thought on “Week 1 of Marathon Training.

  1. Go you!!! I am going to stalk you like a madwoman so I know what to do next year when I train for realz for the NYC!

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