Race Etiquette Question

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!  If I’m a little sporadic or spotty this week, forgive me – it’s Thanksgiving week and I’ll be making my way down to Charlotte AND my fabulous upper endoscopy is this week.

I can’t lie to you, I’m kind of pumped for the potential blogging that can come from me being under the influence of Propofol.  But anyhoo, I have a question for you guys, as a lot of yous embark on your Turkey Trots this week.  What is the proper etiquette on wearing your race shirt during a race?

I ask because I whipped out my Greensboro Marathon shirt for the first time on Saturday, complete with misprint (the shirt reads ‘Greensboro Half Marathon’ despite the fact that I vomited through 26, not 13 miles of bliss), but I saw some folks (not a lot, but enough), wearing their shirts at the race.  I don’t put a shirt on until a race is completed, the same way I wouldn’t try on a wedding dress even though I worked at a wedding dress shop (it’s true) because I feel like it might screw up my luck.  But what do you guys think?