Luluemon Run Club

So first, look at this thing I made today.

photo 2I had a hankering for Chinese food, so instead of getting a big greasy box of rice noodles, I went for my own.  Super yummy, and I ate WAYY too much of it instead of splitting it like I was planning to for lunch.  As a result, if you need me, I will be running laps around the parking lot of my building.  (Jk!)

Hoookay, so guess what I did today?  I didn’t work out this morning cause I wasn’t feeling up to it, so I made a deal with myself that I had to find something to make me sweat.  I kinda remembered that the Lululemon in North Hills had a running group meeting up, so without too much into, I totally went for it.  So glad I did!

The group was a small, but super cozy group, and we headed down Lassiter Mill to start off our run.  I hung with Caitlin, who works for Lululemon, and chatted while we pretty easily cruised through four miles.  Fun fact, going up the hill was not fun, but it made for some really good conversation!

Wanna see what this chick looks like after a 4-miler in sweltering heat and humidity?

photo 1Don’t worry, I will be back at the Lululemon giant mirror to take selfies often 🙂

But on the real, Raleigh peoples, especially in the North, check this little group out.  They were awesome, and I truly felt like the girls there were some of the nicest girls possible.  They’re [unfortunately] not paying me to say this 🙂 but check out their small but mighty running group, Wednesday evenings at 6pm.

On that note, I had such good convo with some of the Lemons there – you ever meet someone and feel like you would be great friends with them cause you have so much in common? 

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