I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

You might have noticed a little button pop up on my blog…



There on the left side.  So I wanted to let you guys know, that I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

That might mean nothing to some of you, so let me explain.

Fit Approach is a community of girls like me.  We like to sweat, we like to eat well, and best of all, as an ambassador, I love to bring what we know to wonderful people like you guys, who read.  As an ambassador, I can bring literally any question about blogging, about code, or most importantly, about sweating to these women, and someone will usually have an answer for me.  Please, if you’re a lady looking for some resources, go to Fit Approach and poke around.

I was so excited to get the email that I was part of this family, and once again, I’m so grateful for this blog and the opportunities it’s given me.  I’ve met people, had folks tell me how much they love my blog, and it feels so good.  Thank you guys for reading, and I’m SO pumped to be an ambassador of fitness for you!

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