The definitive list of the 5 best foods ever.

First and foremost, you guys are amazing.  The responses I got on yesterday’s post were nothing short of amazing, and you guys let me know what the hell foods would ruin your entire day.  I have to say, the top food had to be mayonnaise, which ruled supreme as the creamy white food that you guys absolutely love love love to vomit to.  I swear, you guys had me absolutely cracking up.

After this post from the other night, I can’t have you guys thinking that I’m just this negative Nancy who won’t eat anything, so I bring to you, the definitive list of the best foods ever.

5.  Grape leaves. 

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I appreciate a lot about Mediterranean culture.  But one of those things that I appreciate more than anything else, is stuffed grape leaves.  These delicious little green cylinders are, in my humble American experience, typically stuffed with a rice creation, and so refreshing.  So usually, if I’m at the mall, and I can’t find anything vegetarian to eat, I will find  a Greek Fiesta and order a side of these to tide me over until I figure something out.

4.  Wine


Red wine is a food group, right?  You are mean and rude if you say it is not.  Please leave. (Just kidding!) (Kinda!)

3.  Donuts. 


I maybe eat a donut once every 3-4 months. But when I do, it’s really amazing. And I’m not ashamed.  Had one (two) on Sunday, and I promise you, I felt the earth move.

2.  Mashed potatoes.

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Yassss honey! Unfortunately, because I don’t have a potato masher, I only eat mashed potatoes like twice a year – once at Thanksgiving, and once again at Christmas. I also ate them two years ago when I got my wisdom teeth out from K&W cafeteria, cafe to the stars.  My favorite way to eat them is to mix my corn into them and crunch my way through them.  Thank you God, for this perfect, perfect human interpretation of potato.

1.  Mac & Cheese.

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Not the boxed kind either.  The black kind, that you bake and there’s cheese going everywhere, the kind that makes you do a dance while you eat it, that’s what’s the best to eat. Thank you Lord, once again, for this amazing invention.

Honorable mentions go to….

>>Chicken friend tofu.  Since I don’t eat chicken, this is about the only friend protein I can do.  And it’s awesome.

>>A cold salad with balsamic vinaigrette on it.   Backflips.

>>Biscuits.  One of the things the south has gotten correctly.

>>Nachos.  No explanation required.

>>Green beans.  I can eat these any way you fix em.  Except with bacon on them.

So let’s hear it!  What are you favorite foods!?

9 thoughts on “The definitive list of the 5 best foods ever.

  1. Interesting that sone of your best foods are foods that you eat only occasionally:-) One of my top foods are potatoes. I could eat them at every meal – fried, baked, mashed, French fries, chips, hash, croquets. Potatoes are awesome.
    And I love to make salads – any kind, especially potato salads.
    Recently, I’ve been chatting about foods on my blog too. See my G-BOMBS posts on

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