Race Etiquette Question

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!  If I’m a little sporadic or spotty this week, forgive me – it’s Thanksgiving week and I’ll be making my way down to Charlotte AND my fabulous upper endoscopy is this week.

I can’t lie to you, I’m kind of pumped for the potential blogging that can come from me being under the influence of Propofol.  But anyhoo, I have a question for you guys, as a lot of yous embark on your Turkey Trots this week.  What is the proper etiquette on wearing your race shirt during a race?

I ask because I whipped out my Greensboro Marathon shirt for the first time on Saturday, complete with misprint (the shirt reads ‘Greensboro Half Marathon’ despite the fact that I vomited through 26, not 13 miles of bliss), but I saw some folks (not a lot, but enough), wearing their shirts at the race.  I don’t put a shirt on until a race is completed, the same way I wouldn’t try on a wedding dress even though I worked at a wedding dress shop (it’s true) because I feel like it might screw up my luck.  But what do you guys think?

2 thoughts on “Race Etiquette Question

  1. I’ve always heard it’s bad luck to wear the shirt during the race or even before the race, so I’ve never done it. I think you have to complete it first. It would almost be like putting a 26.2 sticker on your car before ever doing one.

    1. Right! But I’ve seen it so much at races! I’m afraid I’d do that, fall down and break my leg, and have to rip my shirt off before anyone got pictures of me in the offending top.

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