About Moi

I’d like for everyone who is donating, or following, or whatever to know who I am.  A little info about me, that’s not included in the “About Me” section.

I’m a 25-year-old Haitian female.  To be 100% correct, I am both Haitian and Trinidadian.  My parents met while they were in college in New York.  I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina, where I work in running specialty.  I got hooked on fitness when I started teaching Zumba at NC State, where I worked on my Masters.  So I still teach Zumba, and run in my off time.  I adore both passionately.

I have a wicked sense of humor.  I live for Bravo TV, and really any book or television programming that will make me laugh out loud.  I’m not sure if I pride myself on all things pop culture, but whether it’s for better or for worse, I have this stockpile of useless pop culture knowledge.  (PS KATE MIDDLETON IS PREGNANT AND I’M FREAKING OUT!)

Annnd that’s pretty much it, I think?  I don’t feel like I’m that interesting, but I fully welcome prying, personal questions, so you guys fire away!  I’ll be sure from here on out to post lost of interesting pictures so you get the full Cheri experience here for the next month or so.

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