Does your significant other support your running?

I try to keep my husband at a minimum on the blog.  Not because I’m not crazy about him, because I absolutely am.  But more because he didn’t ask for his life to be splashed across the interwebs.  But occasionally, I just can’t help it!

I’m running Ragnar in Las Vegas in less than two weeks, and unlike the typical Ragnar relay, we are considered an ultra team, meaning that instead of 12 runners over 36 legs, we are 6 runners over the 36 legs.  I’m so looking forward to it, and yet, a little apprehensive about running over 34 miles over a few days.

But, despite my apprehension, my body, my mind, and my legs feel strong.

In prep for the race, I’ve run at a few odd times – and last night, it was around 9:30pm.  Luckily, I live close to the state university, and can stay pretty safe running on campus during these odd times, or can call my brother to run with me.  And every time I push off at these strange times, Austin offers me a butterfly knife, and asks if it’s completely necessary for me to run at those times, in the most worried and caring of ways.

And this time, the poor thing was in no position to come with me, because he sprained his ankle terribly playing volleyball at the Y.

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

But I’m taken with how supportive Austin has been of my running. When we met, I was just doing some running for maintenance.  Despite being an avid weightlifter (which doesn’t  classically mix), he ran my first 5k with me.  Then my second.  He cheered me through my first half.  And then stood out in the cold during my first two fulls.  And now, even though he can’t come to Vegas with me, he’s been so supportive, and making sure that in the midst of all my training, that I’m staying safe and happy.

 So how does running fit into a relationship?  How should running fit into a relationship?  For you runners, weightlifters, triathletes, golfers, how does your sport fit into your relationship?  And is your significant other supportive of how you stay fit?  

For us, even though Austin has never expressed any interest in taking on the challenge of a full or an ultra, running has always been something that we could enjoy and do together.  And it makes me feel supported by him, that we aren’t in competition, but that it’s something we can do side-by-side.  Running can be so solitary, and yet, it makes me feel so close to so much and so many people.


4 thoughts on “Does your significant other support your running?

  1. Yes he does! In fact we’re looking to run a 10k together in the next few months and then a half marathon after that. He’s more into cycling but we try and compromise!

  2. My husband is great about supporting my triathlon and running addictions. He thinks I’m crazy but is generally supportive, until the race fees get too high! He was a trooper for Ironman Raleigh this summer, getting up at 4:30 AM and being stuck with my parents all day as they drove around the course to see me. It was just a long day for him as it was for me! He elected to stay home for my sprint tri’s this summer and I can’t blame him, I think I used up all my cheering hours in that one day of racing! He just started getting into cycling so it’s nice to be able to go on bike rides together now!

    1. It’s an absolutely incredible feeling to be racing, and then remember that your hunny is waiting on you. There is a really special place in heaven for these folks that support their spouses/partners this way!

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