Our wedding.

If you’ve ever gotten married, you understand why I’ve been disappeared for the last week or so.  The lead up was crazy – but I don’t even need to get into that right now.  You want to get into the good stuff right?  The stuff I’ve been talking about for the last year or so?

We got married on Saturday!

I will break down the whole thing a little more in detail in a few days, but I will give you guys a little taste of what we did this weekend.

Our wedding was gorgeous.  It was perfect.  It went off without a hitch.  And I am officially a Mrs!

  •  I heard from someone at the venue that our food was the best.  We did fried chicken (tofu for me), collards, mac and cheese, potatoes, and biscuits.  It was straight-up as southern as it gets.
  • My dress.  Ahhhhh that dress.  It was delicious, and I never ever wanted to take it off.  After we got back, I kinda flopped down on the bed in our suite for a good 20 minutes before I had to take it off.
  • I danced literally for 100 hours.  I had to shower after.
  • The day was perfect, and I love my family – my family family, and my new family – new husband especially!  Feels cool to finally call him husband!

A few photos to tide you over until I do the FULLLLLL recap?

photo 5
This was a quick screen grab that stopped me in my tracks. We actually got into a tobacco field for this one. Photo via Blest Studios.
photo 4
A drunken groomsman who charmed the pants off of all of our parents snapped this quickly at sunset.
photo 3
A guest snapped this as my father escorted me down the aisle. He’d been talking about wearing this tux for months and it TOTALLY came together. Love it!
photo 2
This was us, the HOT day of the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner.
photo 1
All lined up to practice walking down the aisle!

So, this is just a little taste, as I ease back into my life.

What I can say, however, is that I feel SO loved – by friends, by family, by my husband and I’m looking forward to years and years of celebrations like these.  I love you all, and thank you all for an amazing weekend.

That said…what did you do this weekend?

27 thoughts on “Our wedding.

  1. Cheri, you look absolutely gorgeous in your wedding photos! You and Austin look so happy, too! I am very excited for you and seeing your wedding pictures make me VERY ready for my wedding! I can’t wait to see more! Congrats to you both! -Suzanne

    1. Suzanne, it was magical. The night was absolutely perfect, and I would not change a single thing. I’m here with my husband (!!!) now, and I feel so surrounded by love – you are going to LOVE this!

  2. I hope it was everything you imagined and more! I’m so excited for you, Austin, and the new families! SUCH a beautiful bride – Gah, I would have just died if I had seen you in person! #withyouinspirit

    1. Thank you so much! I feel like it is the start of a big adventure, not the end of anything and I LOVE it. I’m just hanging around the house now with my new husband and I love it. Married life is the best!

  3. I think I know where you got married! I can’t remember the name of the place but it’s kind of far out, right? Like past Mebane? We went to a wedding out there in June and it was gorgeous! Did it have a red tractor on display? And you look amazing!

  4. Congratulations Cheri. My oh my, what a beautiful bride you were. May god’s blessings be showered upon you and Austy Bosty!

    A great time was had by all!!!!!!

  5. You look amazing and amazingly happy! Best wishes for a lifetime of teamwork, trust, and mountains of love! And your dad is adorable in his tux! He looks so young! That shot the drunken groomsman took is stunning.

    1. Aw thanks! My favorite part of the dress (besides the lace) was the back. I do a lot of Body Pump, and between the color and the Pump, that was definitely my fave. So far, I’ve only been married for 8 days, and it’s been absolutely awesome!

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