I’m stealing.

I know that I usually do my Here’s What posts on Fridays but I’m not feeling particularly passionate about anything (I told you guys I had a rough day at work yesterday), and I feel like, rather than force myself to concoct a list when I’m not really feeling it, why not just chat with you guys?

First, a little news!

We ordered my wedding dress yesterday, and the sketch for my save-the-dates was emailed over to me today.  After that, all I do is take them to the print shop, and they can get sent out after it’s sent to me via PDF.  If the weekend passes and I tell you that I haven’t gathered addresses, please come to my house, kick down the door, and strap me to the couch until it gets done.  But it’s getting real, and it’s exciting and scary and so cool all the same time!  I want the day to be here and I don’t all at the same time.  Eeep eep eeep eep!

Now, I’m stealing. 

I stole this over from Krystyn at Chits and Giggles, (hope you don’t mind, babe!), but I love love loved the thought behind the post.

If you could get paid do anything you want, what would you do?

I love it because that’s the question that really indicates what you’d be doing if you could do it.

So what would I be doing?

DSC_0034Some of it, I do.  I teach Zumba classes a few times as week which I love.

But if I could do anything, anything in the world and get paid for it, I would….

….Blog mostly.  Blog and travel and read other blogs, take photos and blog some more.

DSC_0035…Run. I would run and probably run faster if I thought that there would be some money attached to the deal.

…Travel.  Since I was a kid, one of the best parts of any trip is the stay in the hotel room, and nothing about that has changed.  If I got to travel around everywhere, run and blog about it, and sleep in delicious hotel beds, I would do it in a heartbeat.

So, that brings me to this.  What would you do if you got paid for it?

6 thoughts on “I’m stealing.

  1. I would ride horses all day, every day, all the time. And happily do all the things that is required of you if you do this – muck stalls, clean tack, clean wounds, wrap leg, run to stay fit. But I am no pro so this is never gonna happen 😦

  2. I guess we like the same things. I would read and write all day, every day. Guess I should become an editor. Congrats on ordering the wedding dress. That’s a major item done.

    1. I am so relieved we got that dress ordered. I might hazard to say that I look even better in that dress than the models do! My wedding day is about to be the bomb – now let’s hope I can hold it together mentally between now and August 🙂

  3. Haha! So glad you stole this and thanks for the shout out! I stick by what I said yesterday and fully believe I would do photography. I am not that good at it now, but with a little practice, I really feel like I could excel at it. I mean, that would be awesome, right? Do what we love?

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