Miss Manners

I wore full makeup to work the other day.

And most of you that know me know that I’m a very strictly BB cream and mascara type of girl. And that’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with cosmetics – I absolutely love them, however, in my job, it really doesn’t make a ton of sense to do much more than the BB and the mascara.

I spend the daytime part of my job in business casual as much as I can, and then the other part of my job, especially when I’m running or teaching classes, is spent sweating up a storm, and if you’ve ever seen someone in full makeup after a good sweat session, it looks silly.

[Disclaimer: if you feel more comfortable wearing makeup while you work out, that is completely up to you, and I totally get it. Judgement-free zone.]

So all of that to say is that I rock a pretty natural look during the day. But last week, after a night of interrupted sleep thanks to the cats, I decided that not only would I go a little more heavy-handed with the tinted BB cream, but that I would even go for my liquid eyeliner, just to wake those eyes up a little bit.


As I walked through the doors at work, someone remarked with utter shock and amazement, “Cheri’s wearing makeup!!” loudly enough for everyone on the floor to hear. She accompanied this with her mouth hanging wide open. I was really embarrassed. I get it, maybe I looked a little different. But is it absolutely necessary to point out that I look scary without makeup (evidently) and that I put in a little extra effort that day?

Two things I think Miss Manners wants me to tell you if you’ve ever been guilty of making a statement like that one…

  • Don’t comment on when you feel someone looks “tired”.  They might be tired.  They might look like shit.  But they certainly aren’t being told anything they don’t know, and are most likely hoping that no one notices how rough they’re looking/feeling.
  • There is a way to compliment someone if they put on some extra makeup and stuff.  You look really nice!  Period!  End of story!  Reminding someone that they usually come to work looking like Shrek, but today, things are different, which is a pleasant change for you, is not helpful. It’s actually rude.

So – just curious. How much, or how little makeup do you usually wear?

12 thoughts on “Miss Manners

  1. I concur! Most days, I wear no make-up, but that is primarily due to poor planning. A bit of mascara and lipstick/lip gloss are nice, but I usually only remember to do it on weekends. I sweat enough when I am working out that it is pointless to wear make-up! Yeah – I get lots of comments whenever I change anything (wearing a skirt, putting on a little make-up,etc.) and it makes me wonder what they think of my attire the rest of the time!

  2. To work I wear BB cream or foundation mostly because I get red areas from acne that I want to cover up. I also add a touch of blush and bronzer. My routine takes 2-3 mins each morning. Someone at work commented that I don’t wear make up so I guess I apply it in the right manner so it doesn’t look like I’m wearing any! 🙂 I do mascara on date night and that’s about it. I’m an eye rubber and would rub it all over my face during the workday.

  3. Back when I was working 100 hour work weeks, I’d skip makeup, shower and night and rock a pony. It was all about maximizing sleep and doing my hair and wearing makeup just wasn’t worth it. One day I came into the office with makeup and my hair blow dried. And by “wearing makeup” I mean BB cream and mascara and maybe lipgloss.
    Almost everyone said “wow, you look really different today, what did you do?”
    My response? “I showered”.
    That shut them up. Ha.

  4. I sweat up a storm at work (I work outdoors with horses in Australia) and aafterwards at the gym so I almost never wear make up. I rub on SPC 30 or more every few hours anyways, if I did it’d smear! But whenever there is a higher up coming to look at the horses or if there is a work party I tend to go all out with the make up – foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, contouring, etc. Someone always comments when I do this, but lucky for me most people just compliment the look. However, sometimes people say something along the lines of “Wow! You actually look like a girl!” I find this kind of insulting, for one, you do not need to wear make up to be a girl, and also… does that mean I look like a boy when I don’t wear makeup?!

  5. I think I look awful without makeup, but I usually wear none because where I work at is old and married and I just don’t see the point! I am really slow so it is a lot of time saved.

  6. Almost none. I have a compact with face powder that I dab on maybe once a week. Otherwise, none. On Sunday afternoon, i looked especially pale and I wiped a little on and met a friend who said, even before hello, are you wearing makeup? #fail

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