Books I read as a child/young adult person.

I read a ton ton ton as an awkward kid. ¬†Lemme break it down for you, the things I read to make me such a great, beautiful, and quality writer today ūüôā . ¬† Also this post reminds me of – THE SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR!!! ¬†Okay, here’s what I read.


Living-Dummy_jpg_250x1000_q85This was obviously a fan fave. ¬†And R. L. Stine is a legitimate creep. ¬†But the best part about these books would probably have to be the “pick your own ending” books. ¬†Every time I died, I would just go back to the last page, and pick a different ending. ¬†All I do is win. ¬†Nice try though, creepy Stine.

Fear Street.

Another creepy creation from R.L. Stine’s mind. ¬†My mom bought me dozens of these from a book fair or something, and I read them over and over and over again. ¬†Really sick. ¬†Also there were books abut the history of fear street, and there was a really nasty series called Fear Street Seniors, where everyone in this graduating senior class was dying. ¬†Sort of not cool, looking back on it.

The Babysitters Club

staceytruthDuh.  And in this particular book, the truth about Stacey actually is that she has Type I Diabetes.  Total Buzzkill Ann M. Martin.  But my dad is a diabetic, so it kinda made me feel like I could relate to him on some level.


animorphs_no_8_the_alien_frontcover_large_Rn8SRXSbgOEzoLRThis was probably as manly as I got with the books. ¬†But these were rad. ¬†I always kinda wished I could morph into an animal, not for the purposes of saving the world, but more so I could like, run really fast. ¬† Also, Tobias got stuck as a hawk. ¬†WTF! ¬†That is so not okay. ¬†You’re telling me there was no way he could turn back? ¬†Ugh.

Sweet Valley Middle, High, and University

studies_in_crap_sweet_valley_university115Don’t even talk badly about his one. ¬†These girls took us through Sweet Valley Kids, Middle, High, and University. ¬†Bonus points for the fact that Elizabeth, the good twin, crashed her car in a DUI, but got out of it because the other driver confessed to driving like an idiot at the last second. ¬†Also nailed it how the models on the covers of the Sweet Valley University (SVU) would change all the time. ¬†That shit is really confusing.

This was so much fun to put together!  Now what did you read as a kid?