Books I read as a child/young adult person.

I read a ton ton ton as an awkward kid.  Lemme break it down for you, the things I read to make me such a great, beautiful, and quality writer today 🙂 .   Also this post reminds me of – THE SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR!!!  Okay, here’s what I read.


Living-Dummy_jpg_250x1000_q85This was obviously a fan fave.  And R. L. Stine is a legitimate creep.  But the best part about these books would probably have to be the “pick your own ending” books.  Every time I died, I would just go back to the last page, and pick a different ending.  All I do is win.  Nice try though, creepy Stine.

Fear Street.

Another creepy creation from R.L. Stine’s mind.  My mom bought me dozens of these from a book fair or something, and I read them over and over and over again.  Really sick.  Also there were books abut the history of fear street, and there was a really nasty series called Fear Street Seniors, where everyone in this graduating senior class was dying.  Sort of not cool, looking back on it.

The Babysitters Club

staceytruthDuh.  And in this particular book, the truth about Stacey actually is that she has Type I Diabetes.  Total Buzzkill Ann M. Martin.  But my dad is a diabetic, so it kinda made me feel like I could relate to him on some level.


animorphs_no_8_the_alien_frontcover_large_Rn8SRXSbgOEzoLRThis was probably as manly as I got with the books.  But these were rad.  I always kinda wished I could morph into an animal, not for the purposes of saving the world, but more so I could like, run really fast.   Also, Tobias got stuck as a hawk.  WTF!  That is so not okay.  You’re telling me there was no way he could turn back?  Ugh.

Sweet Valley Middle, High, and University

studies_in_crap_sweet_valley_university115Don’t even talk badly about his one.  These girls took us through Sweet Valley Kids, Middle, High, and University.  Bonus points for the fact that Elizabeth, the good twin, crashed her car in a DUI, but got out of it because the other driver confessed to driving like an idiot at the last second.  Also nailed it how the models on the covers of the Sweet Valley University (SVU) would change all the time.  That shit is really confusing.

This was so much fun to put together!  Now what did you read as a kid?  


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