Full Circle.

A little over two years ago, I was desperately job searching.

I was not yet full time at Fleet Feet, and I had this complex where I felt like the loser in mine and Austin’s relationship.  I know that is imaginary, but once you’re told “no” so many times, your brain starts to play bizarre tricks on you.  You trick yourself into thinking that there’s something seriously the matter with you and your resume, and that the work that you are doing is unimportant.  That l-word starts creeping into your mind too, especially when you see how well friends seem to be doing through the lens of social media.  [Pro tip: No one ever puts the fact that they’re 3 months behind in their house payment on social media, so don’t sweat how amazing people’s lives may seem.]

So 2, nearly three years ago, I interviewed for a position at at my new job, that I felt like would be perfect for me.  So perfect.  I had one interview, then two interviews, and was in the process of setting up my third interview when they broke it off with me and told me that the job would not be mine.

I was heartbroken.  The news came through in an email, and as I received it, I began to dissolve into tears that didn’t stop for two days.  Poor Austin bought me smoothies, and did his best to calm the sobbing, which came in spurts.  I think he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for that.

So about a month or so ago, I interviewed, a very low-key interview for that same job, which had opened up.

One interview turned into two.

The second turned into a third.  And finally, I was offered the job.

I’m in shock.  It’s surreal.  I’m happy.  I’m visualizing all of the incredible things I want to do on the job.  And finally, I am grateful grateful that everything comes full circle, and will happen when it is supposed to.

photo (10)Grateful grateful grateful grateful.

What are you grateful for? 



6 thoughts on “Full Circle.

  1. That is totally what I’m going through right now. I feel kind of like I’m failing at adulthood and every day is a struggle. Trying to work enough, trying to save money while also trying to work enough, barely having time to really take care of myself… I’m trying to turn it around and start that climb upward, but I can relate to those things you were feeling 2 years ago.

    1. Oh I totally know that feeling, I have definitely been there! I was SO devastated after I didn’t get that job, but now I see that I may not have been ready!

  2. Congratulations on your job offer! So exciting! I totally know how you feel for all those “no’s” though. It gets disheartening and sometimes it is difficult to pull yourself together and keep pressing on through the rejection. It is worth it in the end though!

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