I’m not sure I ever knew this about myself…

But it’s really cool to keep learning things about myself, year after year.  And one things I’ve learned since we’ve gotten engaged, and I’ve really gotten into this process, is that I love crafting and being creative, and my stuff doesn’t look half bad!

I made this….



photo (27)I put these together….

photo (26)Made these and sent these out….

photoAnd I spent about two hours in the antique store yesterday, catching more and more chills as I sifted through a box of brooches.

I kinda knew I was creative, but doing this stuff for my wedding has opened up this joyful side of me, that I didn’t know that I had.  I was happy before, don’t get me wrong, but I am happy happy  now.

So what else am I doing, from a crafty standpoint?

  • I need to shop for more stuff for the bouquets, and continue putting them together.  That means I need more bouquet holders, to purchase the brooches after the antique lady, Laura, gets a chance to price them all, and continue acquiring more personal touches for each of my girls.
  • I have got to address and stamp these save-the-dates by the end of this weekend.  A little bit each day, right?
  • I spoke with the Whole Foods in Greensboro, and instead of Peonies, which are a premium flower, I am going with Garden Roses for my centerpieces – which I am planning to do myself 🙂
  • I decided I’m making candles for the favors.

So all of that said, I need some help!

Do you or someone you know have any of the following items?

  • Buttons?
  • Mason Jars?  Varying sizes will do for centerpieces, candles, and decorations.  I will PayPal you shipping for it, I am SO serious!
  • I actually think that’s it…

Any help for putting together our wedding from folks who have done it before? 

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