All the questions…

I had a few posts scheduled today.  But a combo of being really really tired, and really sore meant that I’m going off the schedule, and instead, I bring you the most curious finding I’ve ever made in Kroger.  Like…ever.

So I was at Kroger yesterday with some clients, when I spotted John Cena, in the literal weirdest position I’ve ever seen him in in my life.

photo 1 (11)Now, I actually know who John Cena is because of my deep and undying love for reality television, and I’ve taken to watching Total Divas when it comes on.  In my defense, I really am truly interested in how those girl work out, because their bodies are incredible, and I spend most of the episodes thinking about what my next workout needs to be.

But moving right along – I spotted this box of fruity pebbles with John Cena on the front of the box, looking huge, but also repping “Team Fruity”.  The box demanded that the consumer “Choose your Side!” so naturally, I had to go looking for what choosing the other side would entail.

photo 2 (7)Team Cocoa. With Kyrie Irving.

I have so many questions, so let’s start from the top.

These are all the questions that rain through my mind when I saw these:

  • Firstly, John Cena does a good bit of working out.  I know good and well his ass does not eat fruity pebbles.  Why did he endorse Fruity Pebbles?
  • Why is he team fruity?
  • Why is Kyrie Irving Team Cocoa?  Really?  So many questions here.
  • The only person you guys could get to endorse your lame cereal was Kyrie Irving?  On second thought, that makes sense, because the day we see Lebron on a box of anything but Wheaties is the day the world ends.
  • This is lame.
  • In the marketing meeting, did no one speak up and say, this seems like a very stupid, lame idea to put professional athletes on shitty kids cereal that turns your milk colors?  No one?  Not even an intern?


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