5 random things I’ve done since Friday.

I totally stole this idea from DC Rainmaker, except he was in France this past weekend and I was in hell, getting coldly rained on all weekend.  No joke, I literally almost took all my important things (so my dogs), put them in my car, and drove to my sister’s place in Florida.  Ugh.  But no complaints, it was beautiful enough today for me to run 15 miles with some good friends, so as long as it stays this way, I will be a happy lady.  So here it is, 5 random things I’ve done since Friday. 

1.  I ran 15 miles with one of my best friends from high school, and someone from work.  The weather was gorgeous, I had my little hydration backpack on, and my stomach held out for 15 beautiful miles.  The run also made me think of how much better a run is when you can socialize.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you need a run on your own to sort through some things that you might be going through, but sometimes, the best convos can be had on a long run.  Afterwords, Milania (high school bestie) and I cooked an organic cheese pizza, doused it in hot sauce, and slammed a beer while I taught her how to foam roll.

2.  I painted my nails this color. 

41fpjFgEZ5L._SX425_The color is Peach Daiquiri by Essie, and it’s so gorgeous for spring.  I’m obsessed with nail stuff, so my nails are always painted, but this one looks the best with my skin, and garnered a few compliments at work.  Plus since I’m wedding saving, it was a little cheaper than heading to the salon for a full mani/pedi.

3.  I ran the steam cleaner again.  My friends really make fun of me for this, but with a lot of pets, especially a new foster who’s a little nervous around the house, I had to run it again to prevent the carpet from getting stained from an accident, and to prevent that creepy ‘Hoarders’ smell.

4.  My husband-to-be and one of his best friends wore similar shirts to dinner.  Except Derek tucked his in, so I had Austin tuck his in, and made the two pose for a pic after dinn on Friday night.



Handsome blue is my husband-to-be.  Handsome orange is Derek, a good friend.

5. I think I picked a gift for my bridesmaids.  None of which who I’ve officially alerted to the fact that they’re bridesmaids, so I hope they all say yes.  If they do, they probably will get this, or something similar.

n196gf_on_the_mark_necklace_2I love jewelry like this, and rest-assured, I will probably buy one for myself, and grab one to give away on the blog since you guys make me so happy.  What do you think of this delicate little piece?

Tell me one really really random thing about you.  

Also, stay tuned, I have a really really exciting interview coming up, and you guys will totally not want to miss this!

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