How I got into running. (National Running Day)

So, yesterday was National Running Day, which I celebrated by sneaking in a quick run after work, and then heading over to Fleet Feet to supplement the staff for one of our events, Ladies Night.

10338232_10100333307830413_5297024876603291970_nLiterally, this is one of the fastest runs that I’ve ever done in my life – I actually did it mostly in the rain, and since I live near Crabtree Creek, I also spent a good portion of it running in a puddle up to my mid-calf.  But running in the rain is the best, right?  Makes you feel like a badass.

It got me thinking about how running radically changed my life.  I mean, it partially helped me start this blog, and helped me to accomplish some of the wildest things I’ve ever accomplished in my life.  But I’m not sure where I would be or who I would be without it.

I got into running by just trying it.  I would run.  Run a little further.  Then run a little further.  Until finally, I signed me, and a newer boyfriend (now fiancé) up for a Warrior Dash in Virginia.  He drove, we ran, and had one of the best times ever.  And I realized that not only had I done it, I’d done it WELL.  About a year later, I ran my first half, and less than a few months after that, my first full.  And I wasn’t hooked necessarily to the misery that you feel at mile 17, but more to the elation of starting something, and finishing it.

Running brought me:

  • A new body.  My body was fine before.  Good even?  But I feel that my body looks it’s best when I’m in the throes of marathon training, and I’m craving good-for-you foods.  I love the confidence that running has given me in my body,
  • New friends.  Yesterday, when I worked at Fleet Feet, it was so amazing to be around my people.  Beautiful, nice, likeminded people, who just take care of themselves.
  • New experiences.  Ask me two years ago, would I do a 5k?  How about a half marathon?  How about SIX half marathons?  Two fulls?  Ever consider an Ultra or a tri?  I would have never guessed that for myself.  And it makes me wonder what other incredible things that my body can do.

After celebrating this wonderful day (National Running Day), what can some of you guys say running has brought you?  


4 thoughts on “How I got into running. (National Running Day)

  1. I love how many amazing new friends I met via running. It’s been the best change I have made in my life.

    1. I also love that our interactions revolve around something other than drinking or something unhealthy! I meet my friends for run dates rather than stuff our face dates and stuff!

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