Weekend happenings…

So this weekend.

I did not get as much done as I would have liked, but I got a good bit of things done one the list.

I wasn’t feeling well at all on Friday at ALL, and when  client went off on me and told me in no uncertain terms that I could go do something to myself which I’m pretty sure is illegal in this state, I took that as my cue to leave early and lie down for about 30 minutes.

I could only do 30 minutes because I had to demo my Zumba class for the woman at Rapid Fitness who was going to sign off on me being a Body Pump instructor.

Well, I showed up to the gym ready to demo the class, and I had a creepy feeling that I’d made a mistake.  YEP.  I showed up to the WRONG RAPID FITNESS.  So after pretending to cry to myself for a second, I got into the car, and pulled a speed racer all the way to the right gym, where Renee was waiting on me.

And I nailed. That. Demo.

I’m actually a pretty decent teacher because the woman who taught me was amazing, as both a teacher, and a human being, so I soaked up as much as I could from her.

I then proceeded to go to sleep until my Zumba class the following morning at the Y, and then I talked to a group of teacher hopefuls about being a teacher blah blah blah.

Saturday afternoon….

Saturday afternoon….

Where do I begin.

So, a good friend, Devin, called me and Michael over and just told us to come over. No itinerary, no agenda, no nothing.

So a few vodkas later, we crashed a crawfish boil.

And a few more later?

photo 1 (10)

So, I had a pretty good weekend, I’d say.

How was your weekend!  What’s one random thing that you did? 

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