V-Day Weekend

I have an admission to make.

After last week, I was completely overwhelmed, and I was a mess to deal with this weekend.  Between a really big week at work, trying to deal with my car issues, I’m sort of dealing with these feelings that I absolutely suck at life.  As I sit here, I’m looking around at my couch covered in pet hair, and dealing with the fact that the beagle managed to act up enough so that the woman who adopted her is bringing her back (not kidding) I’m wondering how people with kids do this, and have cleaner houses and seem to have their shit together better than I do.

But I digress.

Here are a few snaps from the weekend.

Friday, I hosted a Zumba/Dance Fitness Party at my Y, and we actually had a really really good turnout, which had me nervous all week.  It can be really really tricky to get folks to commit to anything on a Friday night, and I was terrified that no one would show, and I would look like a butt in front of my bosses.

Three hours before the party, I was testing the playlist out on my iPod, when every single solitary song on my device disappeared, and I watched my life flash before my eyes.

“I’m the boss. I’m in charge of this party.  And I just screwed up all the music.”

I raced home, managed to update the software on my husband’s laptop, and load the entire playlist onto Austin’s iPad, literally with 15 minutes to spare before the party.  The party went off without a hitch, our attendance was huge, and I was so proud of my team!

Zumba Party
Zumba Party

Immediately following, I raced-raced to Ruthschris to meet my husband, and I ate everything in sight, including this little cheesecake for dessert that I told the server I would only take a bite of.  Then I ate the whole thing.

Then this girl…

Alyssa Edwards via imgkid.com
Alyssa Edwards via imgkid.com

I met my girls, and hit Legends in Raleigh to see Alyssa Edwards, a contestant/favorite from RuPaul’s Drag Race from a few seasons ago. When I say that she was fantastic, I mean FANTASTIC. Her makeup was on point, her wig was on point, and she had a better body than most people.  She actually was inspiring – I think a lot of times we see drag queens as funny, but in reality, it really can be an art, and what she did was an art.

Saturday, I hit class early, and taught an 8:30 toning, and ran over to our branch to teach an 11:15 Zumba to a packed house.

Sunday, I went to work, caught up on some work, and then hit drag brunch, benefiting a foundation here that hat encourages and promotes the development of services for persons living with AIDS and/or HIV infection. I got brunch and got champagne, AND managed to benefit a sweet nonprofit?  I’ll take it.

This week, we are gearing up for some sort of winter event here in Raleigh and my goal, my only goal, is to keep my head on straight despite life’s…things.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?

What are your goals this week?

Weekend happenings…

So this weekend.

I did not get as much done as I would have liked, but I got a good bit of things done one the list.

I wasn’t feeling well at all on Friday at ALL, and when  client went off on me and told me in no uncertain terms that I could go do something to myself which I’m pretty sure is illegal in this state, I took that as my cue to leave early and lie down for about 30 minutes.

I could only do 30 minutes because I had to demo my Zumba class for the woman at Rapid Fitness who was going to sign off on me being a Body Pump instructor.

Well, I showed up to the gym ready to demo the class, and I had a creepy feeling that I’d made a mistake.  YEP.  I showed up to the WRONG RAPID FITNESS.  So after pretending to cry to myself for a second, I got into the car, and pulled a speed racer all the way to the right gym, where Renee was waiting on me.

And I nailed. That. Demo.

I’m actually a pretty decent teacher because the woman who taught me was amazing, as both a teacher, and a human being, so I soaked up as much as I could from her.

I then proceeded to go to sleep until my Zumba class the following morning at the Y, and then I talked to a group of teacher hopefuls about being a teacher blah blah blah.

Saturday afternoon….

Saturday afternoon….

Where do I begin.

So, a good friend, Devin, called me and Michael over and just told us to come over. No itinerary, no agenda, no nothing.

So a few vodkas later, we crashed a crawfish boil.

And a few more later?

photo 1 (10)

So, I had a pretty good weekend, I’d say.

How was your weekend!  What’s one random thing that you did?