Sunday Coffee Date

I didn’t blog much yesterday, and I missed you guys.  Let’s not do that again, okay?  Also, if you could follow me on Bloglovin?  That would be absolutely swell 🙂

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Anyhoo, I’m here at Starbucks, sipping on some tea, and Oprah is smiling at me from her perch on the bookshelves over there.  You think I’m kidding, right?


Now I’m gonna say this.  I’m really not sure why Oprah ever decided to partner with Starbucks, like it literally makes no sense.  But I really enjoy the random inspirational quote that comes on my sleeve of tea every now and again.  And once again Oprah is touching lives.  How does she do it?

As a side note, I totally had to ask for the special Oprah sleeve because they only had the boring brown ones out, and I couldn’t foresee getting any working done without Mama Oprah’s insight.

Oprah sleeve.jpg

She be deep.

So we’re on this virtual coffee date, right?

If we were on a virtual coffee date, I would tell you the following in the course of our conversation.

//I just dropped Coco off to the groomer’s (she desperately needed it), and it was kinda sad to let a stranger, albeit a very nice stranger, take her out of my arms.  She gave me this look, like I was betraying her to leave her with strangers!  I gave her a kiss and told her that her mama loves her.


She realllly really needed it though, things were getting ridiculous.

//IAustin’s been gone since Thursday at his younger sister’s graduation from pharmacy school, and for some reason, when that happens, since I know I won’t be seeing Austin for a few days, I take it as free license to not shower and let my house get really gross.  I’m not sure why I do that.

//I’m gonna go for  a run today for the first time in like a week.  I’ve of course been keeping up with my workouts, and they’ve varied from Zumba to Yoga to Body Pump, but for some reason, my body was really asking me for a break from running.  I’m not sure why, but I listened, and I think I’m ready to do a short distance this evening.

//I’m getting really excited about our wedding.  If you couldn’t tell that.  I think what excites me (besides the fact that I obviously get to marry Austin and hang out with him forever), is that I get to get all of my closest friends and family in the same place, and it’s for a happy occasion.

//I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.  I go to work, I work out, I blog, and teach classes, and finding time to do things I used to do, like paint my nails, or take an occasional bath, is not a luxury I really have any more.  But it is teaching me to be a little more efficient with my time, so every single thing doesn’t go to pot while I’m focused on certain things.  No, my house isn’t the cleanest, and I’m not the most organized, but I’m definitely making it work,

//I feel like something really big is going to happen to me this week, and I’m not sure why I feel like that, but I will let you know.

What you would tell me if we were on a coffee date with one another? 

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