Body Pump!

So, for a few months now, Matthew and I, coworkers, have been waking up at the buttcrack of dawn to go do this Les Mills class called Body Pump.

Dramatty and me!

I liked it the first time, and with the first instructor I took it with.

And then I took it with Monica.

And I honestly hope Monica never reads this because I don’t want her to get skeeved out, but she is an incredible instructor.

For starters, she’s beautiful, and I’ve heard rumors that she has a few kids.  She wears her instructorhood well, and she’s muscular and still feminine, and it’s obvious that she maintains her activity level outside of the studio.  (There are some fitness instructors who NEVER work out – I definitely was one of them many many moons ago.)  So as I started to fall in love with Monica (and with the class), the fleeting thought crossed my mind a few times, that I should look into becoming a Body Pump instructor.

And then Gina at The Fitnessista posted about her experiences at her Body Pump instructor training.

And THEN, finally, the other day, I took a class where the instructor made a HUGE boo-boo.  She was really cute, and very energetic, but not the best instructor in the entire world (her cueing wasn’t great, and her form was pretty bad to be a teacher).  And in the middle of a weighted squat, which I am still very very sore from, she goes “Come on!  It’s bikini season!  You wanna fit into that bikini!”.  I will go into later why you never say that as a fitness instructor, but that very day, I started doing some research and poking around for information on how to become a Body Pump instructor.

So, here is the official announcement!  I’m demoing my skills as a teacher in general next week at the Rapid Fitness downtown, and then I officially start the process to become a Body Pump instructor!  Crossing my fingers and hoping that the training won’t come to Raleigh until AFTER we get married, but with my luck, I’ll be in training like a week before 🙂

Any of you guys taken Body Pump before?

6 thoughts on “Body Pump!

  1. This is awesome!! I love Body Pump and a good instructor makes ALL the difference! Depending on my schedule, I have the oppurtunity to have three different instructors and I only LOVE one. She is amazing haha creeper status here 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about your class!

    1. It really does. I feel like with an instructor who’s not as good, you really have to work harder to make sure you’re getting a good workout. With an experienced instructor who knows what he or she is doing, you’re floating on a cloud of awesome weightlifiting and it isn’t until after that you’re like OW OMG WE WORKED REALLY REALLY HARD!

    1. Thanks! I won’t be actually going into training for a minute because I have to find a training close to me, but I will keep you guys updated on how that process is going!

  2. Fantastic news – instructors make all the difference. In college, when I wasn’t in the best of shape, I took a ballet class for fun. Throughout the entire class, the teacher, whenever she saw me on campus or in class, kept mentioning how I should not eat this or that. Quite frankly, the reason I took the class was for fun and I knew it would help me get back into shape. It’s not the instructor’s business to tell me if I am in shape or not.

    Rant complete – I know you will do a fantastic job and I cannot wait to hear more about it.

  3. That sounds so awful about your ballet instructor!

    As fitness instructors, we are the captain of the ship for 55 minutes. This means that we’re there to make sure you have fun, make sure you’re safe, and make sure you’re getting a good workout. We’re not there to criticize your weight, or tell you you suck or that you’re doing it wrong! Big no-no on your ballet teacher’s part!

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