What I did yesterday :)

I am far from a fashion blogger – my most fashionable/expensive items of clothing involve some extremely pricey items, like so pricey I don’t feel like it’s appropriate to share with you, but I am doing something really fun next week, and I get to be a little fashionable.

So next week, I’m participating in a fashion show for the Peachy Keen Boutique in Cary, and I want on Friday afternoon after work for a fitting.  Now these are not any of the guaranteed outfits for the show, but here are a few things that I got to try on at the fitting.  (Also I got a compliment on my arms.  What!???  Best day ever!) 

photo 1Please excuse the fact that the mirror makes me look short when I’m literally like 5’8″, but here was a cool little dress that made me feel like Tinkerbell!

photo 2This top was swishy, and I liked it.

photo 3

This outfit was my favorite because I could actually wear it to work  The top was SO comfy and was probably, out of all the clothes, the one that fit my style the most.  I don’t know how I would describe my style but this is it.  Good jeans, see through top, and a pair of cute flats.

photo 4-1This one was cool too.  The top was really really really comfy, and I’m trying to figure out how I would style it to wear it in real life.  I love the top, but I might skip the tights and just go for a form-fitting mini dress underneath.  Or a swimsuit!

Which one is your favorite?  What did you do on Friday night?

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