Peachy Keen Fashion Show!

So remember back in February when I did the photoshoot for Headbands of Hope?

© Amanda English Photography-6In case you forgot, here’s the reminder!  Shot by my friend, Amanda English, the shoot was done on the one nice day of weather we had before it started snowing again.  Is anyone sad that winter is finally gone?  ‘Cause I’m not…

So anyhoo, the shoot was styled by Peachy Keen Boutique, a women’s boutique and vintage jewelry boutique in Cary, NC, and I was so honored to be a part of their spring fashion show that was built around the theme of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.

Here area a few stills from the day.

photo 1 (9) photo 2 (6)Anybody know what this shade of mac lipstick is?  I kinda love it, but I don’t know how I could pull it off in a setting that was not a fashion show.  Check out Winter’s photobomb!!!

DSC_0372 DSC_0373 DSC_0374 DSC_0376The founder of Headbands of Hope!


I love love loved this swingy top!


This one made me feel bridely 🙂



And last but not least, I had to complete the evening with this cute face that I make when I’m really happy/I’ve been drinking.

As a total side note, I’m getting a teeny tiny bit of modeling work here, and if anyone needs me for anything else, I’ll take it!  Your girl needs all she can get before the big day!



What I did yesterday :)

I am far from a fashion blogger – my most fashionable/expensive items of clothing involve some extremely pricey items, like so pricey I don’t feel like it’s appropriate to share with you, but I am doing something really fun next week, and I get to be a little fashionable.

So next week, I’m participating in a fashion show for the Peachy Keen Boutique in Cary, and I want on Friday afternoon after work for a fitting.  Now these are not any of the guaranteed outfits for the show, but here are a few things that I got to try on at the fitting.  (Also I got a compliment on my arms.  What!???  Best day ever!) 

photo 1Please excuse the fact that the mirror makes me look short when I’m literally like 5’8″, but here was a cool little dress that made me feel like Tinkerbell!

photo 2This top was swishy, and I liked it.

photo 3

This outfit was my favorite because I could actually wear it to work  The top was SO comfy and was probably, out of all the clothes, the one that fit my style the most.  I don’t know how I would describe my style but this is it.  Good jeans, see through top, and a pair of cute flats.

photo 4-1This one was cool too.  The top was really really really comfy, and I’m trying to figure out how I would style it to wear it in real life.  I love the top, but I might skip the tights and just go for a form-fitting mini dress underneath.  Or a swimsuit!

Which one is your favorite?  What did you do on Friday night?

Headbands of Hope Photoshoot – official photos!

So I told you all about Jess, the CEO of Headbands of Hope on Saturday.

But if you forgot, here is the lowdown.  I’ve know Jess since we were like kids in college.  Insert throwback Thursday (Wednesday, sorry!) photo here:

183991_1584785505035_1111190_nThis was when we worked at NC State Department of Campus Recreation (now URec), back in like 2010.  How cute were we, right?  Anyhoo, while the rest of us were being young and wild and not knowing what we were doing in life, Jess started HOH, an organization that, for every headband purchased, donates $1 to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, and donates a headband to a little girl with cancer.  Cool, right?

So with the help of Peachy Keen to style and outfit us, and Amanda English, our wonderful photographer, we embarked on a fantastic photoshoot to showcase the headbands in gorgeous, 75-degree weather in Raleigh.  Here are the actual photos (not just the bootlegs I took of us 🙂 ).

© Amanda English Photography-1

© Amanda English Photography-8

© Amanda English Photography-7

© Amanda English Photography-2

© Amanda English Photography-3

© Amanda English Photography-4

© Amanda English Photography-5

© Amanda English Photography-6

So if you’re interested in HOH, click here to find out more, and purchase some headbands!

Love any of our clothes?  (My personal fave is that pantsuit that the model to my right is wearing!), hit Peachy Keen of Cary up here – not only do they have super unique pieces, but they also have some gorgeous jewelry, including some vintage pieces I got to see on Saturday.

If you’re interested in Amanda English photography in the Raleigh/Apex/Cary area, hit up her website/blog here, or her Facebook here – she specializes in a bunch of stuff, but if you check out her site, she’s done some really, really awesome stuff with babies, kids, and families.

If you think I’m pretty, sorry I am off the market!  Tough luck.

Just kidding!  Which one is your favorite photo?