Mud runs + a giveaway.

I have a love-love relationships with mud/obstacle runs.

My first race was a 5k, the Warrior Dash in the fall of 2011.  I’d read about them in a runner’s magazine, and decided that me and Austin should sign up for one in Virginia to run one and to see how it went, never having raced before in my life.

It ended up being a total blast, and was the gateway drug to my subsequent half marathons, and full marathons.


And go Austin for letting me drag him to all of these things!

Okay, so that brings me to Giveaway Time (for something really cool, keep reading)!

Also, if you don’t win anything, I’m gonna hook you up anyways with a sweet sweet  discount code anyways cause I’m obviously obsessed with you if you read this blog.

So I’ve already signed up for the Reebok Spartan Obstacle Race in DC in July, and for you, I will let you pick your race of choice here, and I will let you decide where you want to race.  I’m giving away a free one!!!!  The cool thing about this race, which you will find out if you click on the landing page is that the race seems like it’s going to be more challenging than some of the obstacles races out there, and even has launched its own all-terrain shoe in the process.

So if you want a free race tell me your literal most embarrassing story about yourself.  I’ll choose the best one, write about it, and then YOU get a free entry to the race of your choosing!

If you’re too shy to share your most hair-raising stories, no prob, I’m gonna be generous and provide you with a discount code. <- that link will generate a 15% off discount code to the race of your choosing.

How can you lose?

[Full Disclosure – I was given a race entry (minus the cost on insurance) to talk about this but all opinions are obviously my own since I have been running 

8 thoughts on “Mud runs + a giveaway.

  1. My most embarrassing story involves an old family video. On this VHS tape my sister is in the living room talking to the camera, and soon enough in the background down the hall you see my 10 year old self run across the hall into the bathroom, completely naked. I had probably thought no one would notice me! Butt naked, what a foolish decision. Fast forward to the present, and my sister has been showing her friends this sequence again and again. They all find it hilarious. My parents decided to convert the VHS to DVD, as well as a computer video file, so now the embarrassing moment is sure to live on…

  2. Maybe not the most embarrassing, but certainly up there. I was running a trail race and desperately had to pee. I got to a section of trail that was lined with rhododendron and mountain laurel, and jumped through the bushes, ready to go before I even stopped moving (I really had to go). Just then I see a trail below me, with runners on it. I was shocked! Flow still going, I turned one way, then the other, then turned my back to the runners and continued my business. I’d soon find out that I’d chosen to stop a couple hundred feet before a switchback in the trail, and was giving a show to the people ahead of me. Fortunately, trail runners are pretty laid back folks, so the most I got was some laughs and a heckle or two.

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