Here’s What! What three things are you obsessed with?

I literally don’t understand why in the world it’s Friday again.  Here I am, sitting in the living room with the world’s worst-behaved animals at midnight, and I’m writing to you all.  Love!

If you missed the last few weeks’ “Here’s What”, please educate yourself on the things that I’m obsessed with…







And now, onto the list!!!

1.  Wedding crafting.  If there was a legit opportunity for me to quit my job, and just blog and do wedding stuff all day, I would totally do it..  Tonight, I spent the entire evening working on little invites for the bridesmaids and for the groomsmen. I’m really excited to see what our folks think about them, but here’s a little sneaky peeky.

photoAre you dead?  Mama did this with some card stock, some craft paper, my hot glue gun, and some glue sticks.  Hashtag dead.  Hashtag when is the date again?  Hashtag oh yeah, it’s right there, bottom right.

2.  I found a new place in Raleigh where I can spend all my money.  I was looking for a lot of buttons, and I went to this cool place called Ornamenta in Raleigh.  The coolest store ever.  Jewelry, charms, chains, a work station for you to make jewelry at.  And all I could think was cool stuff I could make for you guys.

DSC_0203 DSC_0204And yes babes, I took that photo.  I am available for hire après my wedding.

3.  Waking up early to get stuff done.  I wouldn’t say necessarily I’m into waking up early, like it doesn’t get me all hot and bothered, however, since the foster Beagle’s been here, I’ve been so down to wake up early and walk him and the Coco, and take them out to walk, poop, and play.  I also get to vacuum the floors before work which is also a plus.

Those are mine.  What three things are you obsessed with on this warm Friday?  



6 thoughts on “Here’s What! What three things are you obsessed with?

  1. Great post!! My three obsessions: (1) coffee, per usual (2) Spring! It’s finally been above freezing for about a week straight and I’m pretty sure it’s not a fakeout – Spring has arrived! (3) running – I’ve had some great workouts lately and I’m getting really excited for my 2014 races

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Waking up early is the best. Current obsessions:
    1. A new tank I got from Athleta. This brand is my new lulu.
    2. Running with my dogs now that the weather is awesome.
    3. Cooking. I normally hate cooking but have been on a major paleo kick and have oddly loved finding and trying new recipes.

      1. It doesn’t surprise me. The quality of their products have seriously gone downhill. I was hoping their new CEO would turn things around but I am not sure if it is going to happen

      2. Well, the other thing was some of those really horrid comments the interim CEO made while they were looking for the new CEO. I hope it works out for them, because I think they make a decent product.

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