Can we just talk about the fact that Usher (one of my hall passes) wrote an entire album based on cheating on a significant other, and it was a smash?  And my parents let me buy/listen to the album on repeat in 2005, the year of my graduation?  Why was I allowed to listen to that?  But since you all are paying attention so nicely, here you go again.


And if you think there’s no way he could have gotten better with age….

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 10.24.14 PMHe does the seemingly impossible.

Onto the good stuff.

I know a couple of bloggers do something called Confessions, where they confess to all the weird/funny/unknown stuff going on in their lives, so it’s my turn!  Thanks to all of you guys who inspired me to confess.

I confess…

//That I fell asleep fully clothed last night.  I was just laying down for a few minutes before I was going to at least shower and pack my lunch for today and catch up on blog stuff, and none of that stuff happened.

//I took a look at my bod today in the mirror, and I really liked what I saw.  I mean, usually I’m not like spitting at what I see, but I think this clean eating thing has done my body really well 🙂

//I typically eat really well, but I took on the challenge of eating really clean this week and prepping all my meals.  It’s made me more thoughtful about what I’m putting in my mouth.  My stomach, which I have all sorts of problems with, has been really calm this week, and my heartburn has calmed down.  I was only going for it for this week, but I’m going for it.  No sense going back to anything that comes in a package.

//I love my friends so much.  At any given time of day, I have like 2-3 group texts going on with folks I feel like are part of the inner circle.  I take my friendships really seriously.

//My house is a mess.  I fight a battle daily to keep in manageable, but I truly envy those folks who you walk in, and there are candles burning, the carpet is vacuumed, and it smells nice.  May I provide you with an example?

photo (30)

This is my workspace, which also doubles as a kitchen counter.  It’s a good workspace because I can stand up at it, but it’s not really be utilized to prep foods as it should be.

//I really insane opportunity has presented itself, and I’m really happy, but really overwhelmed, and I really can’t even tell anyone about it until next week.  EEP!

Your turn!  What are you confessions?

Here’s What! What three things are you obsessed with?

I literally don’t understand why in the world it’s Friday again.  Here I am, sitting in the living room with the world’s worst-behaved animals at midnight, and I’m writing to you all.  Love!

If you missed the last few weeks’ “Here’s What”, please educate yourself on the things that I’m obsessed with…







And now, onto the list!!!

1.  Wedding crafting.  If there was a legit opportunity for me to quit my job, and just blog and do wedding stuff all day, I would totally do it..  Tonight, I spent the entire evening working on little invites for the bridesmaids and for the groomsmen. I’m really excited to see what our folks think about them, but here’s a little sneaky peeky.

photoAre you dead?  Mama did this with some card stock, some craft paper, my hot glue gun, and some glue sticks.  Hashtag dead.  Hashtag when is the date again?  Hashtag oh yeah, it’s right there, bottom right.

2.  I found a new place in Raleigh where I can spend all my money.  I was looking for a lot of buttons, and I went to this cool place called Ornamenta in Raleigh.  The coolest store ever.  Jewelry, charms, chains, a work station for you to make jewelry at.  And all I could think was cool stuff I could make for you guys.

DSC_0203 DSC_0204And yes babes, I took that photo.  I am available for hire après my wedding.

3.  Waking up early to get stuff done.  I wouldn’t say necessarily I’m into waking up early, like it doesn’t get me all hot and bothered, however, since the foster Beagle’s been here, I’ve been so down to wake up early and walk him and the Coco, and take them out to walk, poop, and play.  I also get to vacuum the floors before work which is also a plus.

Those are mine.  What three things are you obsessed with on this warm Friday?