I’m running late…

To everything this morning.  My posts, which normally go up before you wake up, was not to be this morning.  I was late to work.   I had to find a sub for my Zumba class.  And yet, I’m feeling so rested and happy with my life, which feels like it’s been thrown into a completely beautiful state of chaos.  And along with the chaos, I present to you, the most beautifully random mess of things today.

1.  I’m still feeling the 15-miler I did on Monday.  I think this is for a few reasons, and one of them is the beautiful weather we’ve been having.  My body, my muscles, and my state of hydration are not used to the relative heat, and 15 extra hilly miles did its work on me.

2.  That said, running with friends > running Raleigh hills by yourself.  I literally remember running one of those hills a few Sundays back and feeling so defeated.  It was a completely different feeling with two friends to chat with through them, and I swear, the hills felt less jerky with the friends.

3.  This top knot. 

photo 2 (5)A few questions here.  Is it a top knot still if you’re loc’ed up?  Is it still a top knot if you’re in desperate need of a retwist?  Is it still a top knot if you only did it because your hair is dirty and you didn’t know what else to do with it?

3.  We picked our wedding bands yesterday, which I will tell you all about next Wedding Wednesday.  I also think I picked our caterers, but again, I’ll tell you all all about it next Wednesday.  Are you feeling suspenseful?  Suspended?  What would be the appropriate word here anyways?

4.  Thinking about that second pet?  Think about it long and hard.  You know, I’m fostering the best beagle in the whole world, right?

photo 1 (7)But lord, between him, the cat, and the dog, they are giving me a damn run for my money.  Here, Beagle climbed into my lap, thinking he’s the same size as Coco.  But he’s totally not.  My house has descended into a state of circus.  I kinda love it though, I really think I thrive on insanity.

Tell me one random thing about your day!


8 thoughts on “I’m running late…

  1. You are seriously so gorgeous!! I love the top knot 🙂 And omg I want to foster a beagle! So sweet! And wowwww my goal is to some day be able to run 15 miles- that’s amazing! After this pregnancy, I’m going to start a running regime again!


    1. Yes, the beagle is SO sweet, and super active, he’s a great dog if you like to walk. He love to play, so I’ve been waking up early in the morning with him to let him run in the yard for a while before I head out to work.

  2. The top knot is always appropriate. Anything to hide that dirty hair, which I am always sporting, unfortunately.

    Random: I am sitting at the dentist right now for my biyearly cleaning, which I have been excited about for weeks because I am a weirdo and love the dentist.

    1. I am going to the dentist tomorrow! Twinsies! I’m hoping to get some advice on what fluoride rinse to use so my teeth don’t ache like hell when I whiten them!

  3. That beagle is so cute. I am working in my husband to let me get a doggie!!!

    I love the top knot… It is 100% acceptable to only wear it bc your hair is dirty on and ps I am doing the same with my hair today!

    I feel like my work week is a series of “I’m running late” …never enough time!!:)

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