There aren’t going to be any photos embedded in this post, and I think that’s really for the best.

So first off, how are you guys?  Hope you could glean something from the other days’ post on hydration.   I definitely am still on the hunt for a canteen that is a little larger than the Yeti, but prettier.  Sorry Yeti, I really do love you, you’re just not very feminine.  And I need all the help I can get.  I am just not that cute lately.  Well sometimes, but not today.  Today I just stretched a tee over the bump, and let me tell you what, that does not do anyone any favors.  Anyhoo, let me know if you have any suggestions.  I’m kind of eyeing the Corksicle 60-oz, or maybe even the Hyrdoflask?  I would love to hear what your thoughts are on these, or if you have another suggestion!  Think sustainable people!  No plastic water bottles if I can help it!

So after a loooong day on Tuesday.  And I mean long, cause I got up for 6am to practice the newest Body Pump release with a few folks, and then I came home and napped, headed into work, and then headed back OUT to a work event, I was not feeling very social.  The event ended up being much better than I thought it was – I mostly don’t want to socialize because I feel big and fat and I don’t drink obviously, but it was great, and there was food left over for us to take.

I took some home to Austin, and played Pokemon in the Uber the entire ride home.  But when I came into the house, it hit me.  The smell of like, a literal animal shelter absolutely slapped me in the face.  I was scared to look, and I peeked around the back of the couch, and the best way I could describe what I saw was that there was an absolutely atomic explosion.  All over the floor.  Over pretty much, every square inch of the floor.

I called Austin out to help me assess/recover the great room area, and the look on his face confirmed how bad it was.  I put Coco out (we determined pretty early on she was responsible), and started to clean up.  Until we realized that Coco probably needed some cleaning up too.

I grabbed a thingie of baby wipes (thanks kid), we put her in the bathtub, Austin sort of held her down, and we tried to scrub her.  Until we realize that the situation at hand sort of called for scissors.

Side note: I am really sorry, I am trying to describe this without going into a really vile level of detail.  

So I grabbed scissors, all the while Coco was miserably attempting to nip at Austin with the remaining teeth she has, and set about cutting out some of the more problematic areas on her tail.  Luckily, poodles don’t shed, and her hair grows like a crazy person’s, so she looks just fine.  In the process of all of that, we accidentally also turned on the shower, so mid-scrub/cut, water starting pouring onto both of our heads.

We topped it off by putting Coco BACK outside, and then mopping for a decade.

Austin didn’t really want the dinner I brought home after that.  I don’t blame him.  Not one bit.

Please, for the love of all things holy, tell me about your pets.  And tell me you didn’t spend your Tuesday night scrubbing their butts. 

(Responsible) Pet Ownership

Two Saturdays ago, I peeked out into the yard and noticed a large black pinscher mix in the yard.  I was on the porch, and thankfully, Coco wasn’t outside with me because the dog seemed to be truly unhappy that I was in her space.  I’m assuming her, I could be completely wrong.  Anyhoo, so I looked at her, she looked at me, and she began to growl and bark, seemingly guarding my own yard against me.

I put two and two together, and realized the dog belonged to a neighbor.  We’d had problems with these dogs before.  Often, when we’re working out in the yard, the dogs will run back and forth behind their fence, barking and growling.  It’s always made me nervous, but at the same time, I’ve trusted in the fence to hold the dogs back.

So the dog shows up in the yard, very unhappy to see me.  I sort of squealed for Austin, who was at work in the office.

“Babe!  Babe!  There’s a black dog in the yard!”

I heard him scramble to his feet, and run onto the porch where I was.  The dog continued to be nasty, but didn’t get any closer.  And as suddenly as the dog appeared, I heard a female voice call the dog back, and the dog was gone.  I was a bit rattled, but didn’t think much of it.

On Saturday, prior to me running around in the State Park, I let Coco out.  She’s old and addled with anxiety so she won’t go far.  And just as soon as I let her out, she turned around and began pounding the door.  I looked, and right behind here was his big black dog.  This time, mere feet from the door.

“Babe!  That dog is back!”

Austin was pissed.  The dog was pissed.  So he slipped by the dog, and went to the neighbor’s door to knock and ask them to bring their dog inside and not let it come back.  And of course, no one was home.

We were at a loss.  The dog was just being a dog, but was a potential danger to me, but more so to Coco, who, despite her wild amount of adorableness, is a senior dog, and would be killed.  I mean, she has like four teeth (we had to get a few pulled when we got her for her health), and that bitch had a full mouthful of teeth from what I could tell.  We shouldn’t have to deal with someone else’s dog coming into our yard where we pay our mortgage to make us afraid.

We called an officer down, who pounded on the door.  They first ignored him, and opened when they realized it was an officer of the law.  The officer asked us if we wanted to witness a citation, but we declined, hoping that the officer coming around would be enough to get the message.  But in reality, I’m not afraid of a lot, and I’m afraid that the dog will attack me, or worse, Coco.  I can take care of myself, but I’m supposed to care for Coco.  I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to her.

I’m not sure what to do.  I’m hoping the neighbors got the hint, and it won’t be an issue.  But I have some nagging worry that every time I’m out in the yard, that dog will show up.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this except to express my discomfort.  I’m uncomfortable with this situation, but don’t want the dog “punished” necessarily, but I need for them to step up.  I don’t want to do anything that will get that dog sent to the shelter, but I can’t be comfortable with her running around.

What do you guys think?

One Year with Cokes

So, let’s start by describing what position I’m in.

After a speed workout on Tuesday, and teaching two classes, I woke up on Wednesday not really being able to move my neck around a whole lot.  I tried turning it right, then left.  Not a whole lot going on.  Up and down?  Same thing.  And I knew I had like two meetings at work.  Kinda felt like Miranda…

Miranda SATC
via yourepeat.com

When she managed to pull her neck during marathon training, and Aiden had to come peel her off the floor. [Side note: still a little upset about the way things ended with Aiden the first time because the second time those two got together and got engaged was just painful to watch.]

But I digress. My neck was not at all feeling well, I’m not sure what I did to it, and with two meetings scheduled that day, I really couldn’t not go into work.  Double negative.  But you get it.  So I popped three Aleve, and went on my way.

By the time I’d made it through my second meeting, the pain was starting to come up through my head, so I went home and alternated putting this heated rice bag thing on my neck with this neck massager thingie my mom very thoughtfully got me for Christmas a few years ago.  It came in handy with my first marathon because I was having a lot of trouble with my pirformis, and I would just wedge the massager onto my big ass.  This time, it’s actually on my neck where it’s supposed to be.  Ahhh!

One year with the Coco. 

About a year ago, I took a huge leap of faith, and adopted a little dog, sight unseen, because I was told her owner was going to take her to the pound.

CocoThe night we got her, she jumped up on the end of the bed, and I woke up periodically that night to make sure she was still there.  She was thin, her hair was patchy, and I don’t know that she was getting the love that she needed.  But she fit right in with our family, and really has brought us so much joy.  I’ve convinced myself that Coco is immortal and she’s done little to correct me.  I love that.  Here’s to many, many more happy memories with the Coke-monster!

Tell me about your pets!

Here’s What! Puppy edition!

So today’s “Here’s What” is a little bit different because this Friday is a very very special Friday.

First and foremost, Happy Friday, and a big huge congrats to all the participants in this year’s Boston Marathon.  I know a few folks here in Raleigh that raced and finished, and I’m so proud of their huge accomplishment.  Here are two of my friends who did it!  Congrats to them!




So earlier this week, I posted a little teaser to Instagram…

photo (6)


So are you curious yet?  Do you want to know what it’s about?

So, let’s back it up to March 1st of 2014, when a friend of a friend adopted a dog from a shelter.  The dog was underweight, a Belgian Malinois, which is sort of akin to a German Shepard.  So the dog’s Mama, Andrea, was sitting with her on the couch on Saturday night when the dog had an “accident”.

Before long, Andrea realized that the “accident” on the couch was no accident, and that Georgia, the dog, was delivering 7 puppies!

Unfortunately, one of the puppies was lost, but Andrea successfully delivered 6 healthy little puppies, 3 boys and 3 girls and is letting them stay until they’re weaned off their mama.  Wanna see?

DSC_0316One of the pups nursing.


DSC_0334Puppies really like to nap…check out this guy taking a little nap on his back 🙂


Those little tongues!

So here is the deal with these precious little bundles.

They were be available to be adopted in about 6 weeks.

Andrea WILL NOT adopt them out to just anyone.  If you are interested in adopting them, please shoot me an email – Cheri.Armour@gmail.com.  I will forward your information over to Andrea, and she is prepped to vet you, because even though she would love to keep these pups herself, she physically cannot do it.

This is what I’m obsessed with today.

What are you obsessed with this Friday?



My running partner.

You guys remember when I introduced you to my running partner?

In case you forgot, my partner was Beagle, a foster Beagle who came to me about a week ago.   I tried to call him Nelson for a while, but I kind of fell into a habit of calling him Beagle, Poops, or Pooper Scooper for a while.  And despite the fact that I always knew he was a foster, in the week I had with him, I got a little attached.

Because he was really energetic, I got into the habit of waking up early to take him out to the dog run to hang out with him (and to let him poop).  That was our bonding time.  But I knew it would have to come to an end eventually, and I wasn’t sure how I would take it.

unnamedSo Sunday morning, a friend came over to look at him, and this friend and his parents had had a beagle for 14 years before Sam, the beagle passed.  It ended up being a love connection, and Steve and his parents decided that Beagle-Nelson was going to be going to a new home.

I wanted to be selfish and upset, but truthfully, the fact that Beagle was going to a home with a doting mom and a yard meant so much to me, and if they could give him something that I couldn’t, they needed to be the ones to give him that home.

So I’m blogging tonight, and there’s no beagle breathing on me, stinking up the couch, and creating a drool spot that just grows and grows, but I know that he’s doing that for someone else and making them very happy.

Here’s to my foster beagle getting a new home!

I’m running late…

To everything this morning.  My posts, which normally go up before you wake up, was not to be this morning.  I was late to work.   I had to find a sub for my Zumba class.  And yet, I’m feeling so rested and happy with my life, which feels like it’s been thrown into a completely beautiful state of chaos.  And along with the chaos, I present to you, the most beautifully random mess of things today.

1.  I’m still feeling the 15-miler I did on Monday.  I think this is for a few reasons, and one of them is the beautiful weather we’ve been having.  My body, my muscles, and my state of hydration are not used to the relative heat, and 15 extra hilly miles did its work on me.

2.  That said, running with friends > running Raleigh hills by yourself.  I literally remember running one of those hills a few Sundays back and feeling so defeated.  It was a completely different feeling with two friends to chat with through them, and I swear, the hills felt less jerky with the friends.

3.  This top knot. 

photo 2 (5)A few questions here.  Is it a top knot still if you’re loc’ed up?  Is it still a top knot if you’re in desperate need of a retwist?  Is it still a top knot if you only did it because your hair is dirty and you didn’t know what else to do with it?

3.  We picked our wedding bands yesterday, which I will tell you all about next Wedding Wednesday.  I also think I picked our caterers, but again, I’ll tell you all all about it next Wednesday.  Are you feeling suspenseful?  Suspended?  What would be the appropriate word here anyways?

4.  Thinking about that second pet?  Think about it long and hard.  You know, I’m fostering the best beagle in the whole world, right?

photo 1 (7)But lord, between him, the cat, and the dog, they are giving me a damn run for my money.  Here, Beagle climbed into my lap, thinking he’s the same size as Coco.  But he’s totally not.  My house has descended into a state of circus.  I kinda love it though, I really think I thrive on insanity.

Tell me one random thing about your day!


I’ve got a new running partner.

photoSo last week, I was doing some blog stuff, cruising the Facebook, and a picture of this sweet boy popped up on my feed.

His story?  Apparently, the Beagle mix had been dumped in Garner, and the woman who has hanging on to him was concerned, as her dog was acting aggressively toward him.  She, and some friends had posted his photo on Facebook after scouring Craigslist for his owners, and they were looking for someone to at least foster him until a wonderful home could be found.

I immediately moved on the little guy, and by Sunday morning, Nelson, as I started calling him, was happily cruising toward my home in my little Lancer.

I don’t think I can keep him in this little apartment with the cat and the dog, but he really has been a joy.  His first night, he ran about 2 miles with me on the Greenway, and hopped up on the bed with me.  I woke up early yesterday morning, and hit the dog run with him before work.

I have to admit, now that I potentially have a very kind family lined up to take him, that the thought of him not being here sort of makes me sad.  But while he’s here, he sure makes a damned good running partner. 🙂

Weekend update! We heart DC!

If you’ve been following along about anything here on the blog, you’ll know that I’m absolutely enamored of the District of Columbia.  So best bud Scott invited me up, and Friday, after work, I took off, and made the trip, that was a little over 4 hours.  Not a bad drive, right?

So Friday evening, me and the bestie braved the cold, and met some Elon friends out, and just enjoyed some tasty drinks.

The next day, we braved the cold temps and wind yet again, and hit this spot called Pound the Hill, a coffee bar that turns into a wine bar in the evenings.  We went earlier in the day, so we missed the wine, but enjoyed some ah-mazing treats nonetheless.


Dear Scott, in front of Pound the Hill in DC.  It’s right next to a yoga studio – how genius is that, right?


The space is small, but extremely warm!  These DC coffee shops get packed!  Best to get there early, grab a seat, and stay there.

P1020101Menus.  And I spotted Nutella.  Well, say no more, if there’s Nutella involved, I need to taste these.

photo 1

A Nutella latte with skim to cut the sweetness!  It was delicious – hot and creamy!

photo 2

The holy grail of things to eat!  This sandwich was a Nutella, banana, and honey sandwich.  SO sweet, but good if you’re into that….which I totally am.  If you don’t have a sweet tooth, just skip this one.  But I loved it.

I packed my running clothes.  I have big news, I’m running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on April 13th, and it’s time to up the mileage.  The wind slowed down, and Scott provided me with directions to get to Capitol Hill.  So off I went.  Are you ready for this?

photo 3

In one of the greatest cities, in the greatest country in the world, I got to run to the Capital building, peek a few blocks down to see some monuments, and run back.  The run totaled about 4 miles or so, and I didn’t feel too chilly, despite some good wind.


Next, we hit a birthday party, where the girls based it around the coolest theme.


So this doesn’t look like a whole lot of pizza right?  Well, that’s because the girls made 5, yes 5 (?!) pizzas, allowed us to taste each one, and then paired each pizza with a beer.  Very cool, and I was impressed by how much DC folks, friend’s of Scott’s were so welcoming and seemed to enjoy meeting me and hearing about what I did.  Seriously, DC folk seem like nice, genuine, kind people.


And finally folks, no post would be complete without a picture of a pup, right?  This guy, Fitzgerald, was the dog of the house where we were staying.  I’m glad I left little Coco behind – she had not yet received her ThunderShirt, and the long car ride, plus Fitz’s high pitty energy would have freaked her out.  But I’m glad to be home with my lady.

So folks, what did you do this weekend?  Fill me in!

I made a Facebook page! And scenes from the week!

Yous know I love my social media right?  So it only seemed fitting that I’d make a Facebook page for the blog, and folks seem to be enjoying it.  So here’s the deal, if you love me, and you’d love to interact with me a little more, do a few things for me:

  • Read the blog obviously.
  • Follow me on Bloglovin‘ if you’re a fellow blogger.  (Seriously, the most useful tool for keeping me and all my blogs organized and in one place, rather than logging on to every single blog.)
  • And follow me on my Facebook .  It’s a little more interactive, because there’s no real lag time between when you comment or ask me a question, and when you get a response, either from me, or from another informed reader.

Okay, moving right along, I hope you guys had an amazing 3-day weekend.  Usually I’m a little more service-oriented and reflective on MLK Day, but since I made a little addition to my family…

photo 4


…I spent a lot of the day doing laundry, straightening up, vacuuming, and using my degree in Psychology to train my little girl to make sure she only poops outside.  She’s doing so well!  She’s extremely clingy, and she keeps hurting Austin’s feelings, because she’s glued to me, but she could take or leave my husband-to-be.  He texted me yesterday and said “I hope Coco starts to like me more.”

photo 1


My shadow and I went for a run yesterday morning.  She’s very tall, and her hair is long.  Is that what I look like?

photo 2


GoodNESS, these Raleigh hills kicked my butt.  Look closely at the end of that road.  Mama ran ALL of that.

photo 3


The legs got to come out yesterday, and probably for the last time all week.  They’re predicting snow tonight.  Woo-hoo!  Raleigh never gets any good snow!



And finally, look at this dinner I snagged last night!  Me and the nearly-husband met with some good friends from undergrad at the Remedy Cafe, a little joint that features a lot of local, vegan, and vegetarian items.   I went with friend “chicken” and some veg mac and cheese.  It was awesome, and I split it in half, added a salad, and brought the rest of it for lunch today.

How was your weekend?  Hope it was lovely!