I wish I had a picture for you today….

But I really don’t want to spoil how great my ink for the save-the-dates looks. So in its place, I give you this.
photo 3A picture of mah boo-thang on the cover of Rolling Stone.  I was gonna steal this issue from my parents’ house, but I forgot 😦  luckily I had this to keep me company.

Yes, ladies and gents, this is the highlights from Justin Bieber’s deposition video. For a really really good laugh, and if you’re at work, fast forward to 1:50, and have a laugh at Mr. Bieber’s quote. But really, watch the whole thing because it’s incredible.

Moving right along!

Okay, so I was really really disturbed by something yesterday morning when I woke up and checked the blogs like I usually do.

So I wake up, check the blogs, and one of my favorite mom-bloggers, Natalie Hodson, had revealed that she had been the victim of girl on girl crime, that another blogger had straight-up plagiarized her work by lifting a post, and changing one or two words, and I was shocked.

Yes, blogging is a job, but it’s a fun job!  Why on earth would anyone plagiarize?  It’s not school, you don’t get a grade for it.  And I got to thinking about how casual I am with my work.  I don’t watermark my photos.  I only google myself occasionally.  I’ve freely sent blog posts back and forth (and to some really really cool bloggers) without a thought.  And I’ve put my stuff out on the internet without a thought ant anyone would ever plagiarize.

Maybe it’s cause my writing sucks.

Or maybe I’m too trusting.

But either way, that realization that people actually do that really gave me the creeps.

Have you had any dealings with plagiarism?  How have you handled it? 

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