A tale of some scallops.

So yesterday, I had a hankering for some scallops over veggies, after I spotted this post on IG.
photo (2)I looked up a recipe online, went to Harris Teeter, bought .75 pounds of sea scallops, and set to prepping a delicious dinner, complete with a glass of SkinnyGirl California Red Wine.

I blogged for a little while, and hopped into bed.  As I was falling asleep, sweat sprang up on my forehead, and I knew what I happening, but I chose to pretend like it wasn’t.

1 am, I sat straight up, jumped out of bed like a ninja, and proceeded to throw my entire dinner up, and take a nap on the bathroom floor.  And my only thought was, my race this weekend won’t be a PR! And I started to whimper.

So, I’m pretty sure that between this and my situation I got myself into in September, I need to take a little break from shellfish for a long, long while.  And come hell or high water, I will be running


2 thoughts on “A tale of some scallops.

  1. Sorry to hear your indigestion. I thought you were vegetarian? Was I mistaken, or do you just eat fish occasionally? Hope you’re better now. The good thing is that if you eat something like that and throw it up, your stomach goes back to normal quicker than if it goes through your entire digestive system.

    1. I am veg, but I do occasionally eat fish. At this point, I don’t think I’ll be eating it anytime soon. The thought of barfing up my entire dinner again really doesn’t appeal to me 🙂

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