We’ve all thought of cutting our hair short, right ladies?

Especially during the summer.  As my huge bun slaps me in the back of the head when I run, yeah, I’ve thought about it.  Whenever I wash, and I have trouble getting some of the soap out of my locs, I think that things may just be easier if I cut it off.  And whenever I retwist my locs after a long run and a shampoo, only to sweat it out in the next day’s workout, I think about it.  But…

How would I style it if I cut it short?

Would my face look too skinny if I cut it?

Would I look like  dude if I cut it?

Would I have to invest in a lot of makeup and earrings so people wouldn’t think I was a boy?

A lot of thinking.   And then Beyonce just DID IT.

Beyoncé and her new pixie crop

Okay, before I weigh in, let me say this. Beyonce could fart in the mic, and I would buy the record.  I used to cut out magazine and newspaper clippings of her, and post them inside my closet door (because my mom wouldn’t let me put posters up in my room).  I would get offended when anyone disagreed with anything she did, included whenever she made a worst-dressed list.  Including this gem.


This photo appeared in black-and-white in the Charlotte Observer in like 2002, with some rude like “WORST DRESSED” tagline. I got so mad, I cut that thing out, and pretended to like the outfit so that Beyonce wouldn’t get her feelings hurt. I care girl.

But this haircut?  Which I’m sure is more practical for all of the physical activity she does?  I can’t co-sign.  I’m sorry.  I’m still a huge fan.  But I cannot cosign on this mess.  And that is what it is.  It is a MESS.  I feel so bad saying that.

That said, I’m continuing to grow my locs out for my wedding.  And then what?  That means at least one more summer of running and swimming and yoga with all this hair.  Do I keep it?  Or cut it?  What do you think?  (And what do you think of Queen Bey’s cut?)

2 thoughts on “We’ve all thought of cutting our hair short, right ladies?

  1. I look at hair as an accessory. Do what you please with it because it will grow back. I loced my hair in 2003 after a “bad” relaxer broke off a chunk in the back. I vowed to never wear perms again and joined Nappturality.com for tips. I cut the perm out gradually which was bra strap length (not weave like ya girl Bey). When it got bob length I chopped it to a 1 inch afro and started my locs with coil twists. Took about 6 months to loc. My fav loc style was bantu knots but as it got longer my go to style was up in the front and down in back. They got shoulder length and one day I took one out. It felt weird having loose hair. Almost scary. Over 5 weeks I had all my hair out using safety pins, a fork and Just For Me Detangler. My hair was actually mid back length by time I had it pressed. I stayed away from perms for about a year but when I moved to KY the humidity was like Un Uh. Been relaxed and healthy ever since. Shoulder length is common for me. 2 yrs ago I got it cut in a Victoria Beckham inspired short bob. Been growing it out since.

    Will one day go natural and maybe loc again. I showed my Foster Daughter pics of your hair so she could see its possible to have locs and sweat at the same time. She said they were pretty btw and I agree. 🙂

    At the end of the day hair expresses personality and should be fun. I’ve learned that regardless of texture or length ALL women have struggles with what and how to style their hair. Just do what works for you. If you don’t like it….it will grow back.

    Sorry for the dissertation. LOL

  2. First, I don’t care about Beyonce’s hair. But good for her for not caring what everyone thinks, otherwise she never would have cut all off.

    Second, I’ve been there dude. I had super short hair all through college and have spent 4 years trying to grow it out and finally got somewhere. Yes, it’s a pain, but it’s not going anywhere. I love the freedom, the faster styling, and the less-heat-accumulating-around-my-head feeling of a bob. But I’m way happier with healthy, longer hair and have less hair-envy. So whatever will make YOU happier, do that.

    Good luck!

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