I want to get my boobs done.

Let me back up.

I feel pretty confident in what I have going on.  Often, as I’m getting ready, I’ll hit ’em with one of these.

dancingBut one area that I continue to be concerned about on and off for years now is my boobs.

Prior to losing some weight, my breasts were 100% out of control, and they were the source of a lot of physical pain and embarrassment.  My back killed all the time, and I felt embarrassed in my clothes.

308_531833140143_7264_nI actually wore this bikini with a rash guard at all time to keep the boobs under control.

As I lost weight, I lost boob, which was a relief, especially to my back.   But for someone my size, I still have a lot going on, and sometimes I play with the idea of getting my breasts reduced and lifted.  At this point I feel like they’re a little big on my frame, I’d like them to sit higher (I mean may as well as I’m in there), and I’m a little sick of having to stuff myself into clothes.

On the other side of that coin, there’s the cost.  There’s the fact that I typically feel so in love with my body and the things that it can do.  And there’s the big looming question – do I really want to cut myself so I can fit into cheaper bikini tops?

What do you guys think about plastic surgery in general?  You don’t have to self-disclose, but if you’ve had it, please feel free to email me with how it went!

9 thoughts on “I want to get my boobs done.

  1. I say do what you want…just find a reaaaally good doctor so you don’t get a bad scar or so they don’t look super face. Personally I wouldn’t change anything unless it was for health reasons (like if they were causing serious back issues) but everyone has their own opinion!

  2. I had one done when I was 21 and I’m so glad I did. They were way to big/saggy for my petite frame. I could place my hand under my boob at the base and it would cover the width of my hand…at the age of 20! They looked like they belonged to someone in their 40’s who had nursed children! I had to wear 2 sports bras to workout, I wore one all the time pretty much to be more comfortable, etc. They were awful. And people would make comments. Talk about being embarrassed/demoralized. The surgery wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. I stayed overnight in the hospital and left the next morning. I didn’t need any pain killers. Insurance wouldn’t cover it (thanks a lot, aetna) and I was lucky enough to have my parents graciously offer to cover the cost. The body healed more quickly that most people so my body started to reject the stitches which hurt the most out of the whole ordeal. We lived 45 mins away from the doctor (small town) and I ended up taking most of them out myself as my body was literally forming open sores where the stitches were. As soon as they were out I healed up just fine. And who cares if you have scars?! They aren’t anything negative. And a swimsuit covers them up. Only myself and my husband see them and neither of us cares 🙂 And I couldn’t sleep on my stomach for about 2 months which sucked. I was able to workout like normal within a month.

    1. The biggest thing I have worried about is being able to work out, so thank you for including that bit about how long it was for you to be able to go back to your workouts!

  3. Oh, and for the comment above about making them look fake. That’s basically impossible to do with natural breast tissue so that’s not an issue. You will be slightly swollen for the 1st week or two and think how awesome it is to not really need a bra but then the swelling goes down and they start to drop back to a normal position.

  4. I had it done last December. Best random decision I had ever made for myself. My very first surgery, but it went perfect. Find a good doctor that is very important. A good doctor who knows what they are doing will help with also how you recover and heal. I went from a 50I and now I’m aa 42B. Couldn’t be happier. Best wishes for your journey!

  5. I am struggling with the same thing myself. I’m a 38D. And it’s no joke. Thankfully, my husband understands, but when I have conversations with friends about considering getting them reduced, they don’t understand. It is painful. My back hurts all. the. time. And don’t even get me started on working out or running…

    I’m all for “love your body,” but when it starts to cause you pain and interferes with your life, I’m also all about doing what needs to be done.

    Do let me know the outcome. Maybe we can go get them done together? lol Breast reduction party at my house! lol

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