So this happened…

Coco – When she came to me it was spelled Cocoa, but nah!


Friday at work, our intern called me, looking for a place for this pup to go.

She was living with a family who’d decided they couldn’t, or didn’t want to do it anymore, and she was going to the pound.

I couldn’t let it happen.  She’s older, and the shelter is constantly at capacity, and as far as I know, she didn’t stand a chance against the younger dogs that so many people go for.  So I contacted the co-founder of my marriage-to-be, consulted, and as a team, we decided I should take her in after discussing it with the front office at my apartment, who gave me the green light.

She’s old.  She’s scared, and pretty underweight.  I’m desperately working to get some weight on her, keep her from pooping in the house, and get her on a healthy schedule.  She’s no running dog, but I’m thrilled to have her in my life.  I know a few days ago I posted about wanting a puppy.  She may not exactly be a puppy, as far as age is concerned, but it certainly is nice to have a little girl (Coco) running around here.  Here’s to getting this girl healthy!

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