You are a (Half) Ironman!

I told you guys that we went downtown for brunch on Sunday, and we we were so blown away by the women especially, who were killing it at the Half Ironman (Half Ironwoman!) race. Well this girl did it, and lived to tell the tale. She gets a great big REBLAWG from me! Congrats girl, keep it up!




As you know, I kind of left you hanging in the last post. But, it was getting a little too long and I wanted to be able to dedicate a full post to the actual race leaving all the setup, nerves and anxiousness elsewhere (where they belong)!

Anywho, the day started early… REALLY EARLY! I peeled myself from my bed, got dressed, triple checked that I had everything where I needed it and the hubs and I checked out of the hotel and drove over to T2 where there were buses waiting to take us 40 minutes down the road to Jordan Lake.

At the lake, there was a minor freak-out about not having enough water, but that was quickly resolved and I set about readying my bike and other T1 supplies, getting body marked and waiting in line for the ever-lovely port-a-johns.

The transition…

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One thought on “You are a (Half) Ironman!

  1. Thanks for the reblog! Glad you enjoyed the recap. It was a great race and the city of Raleigh and all the volunteers and spectators did a great job making all of the competitors feel welcomed and encouraged!

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