Mercy Swag

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of working with Mercy Corps to raise this money for Haiti.  I wish I could work in their office, because the folks there have been nothing short of incredible to work with.  They’ve worked tirelessly to build me up and to support me as I raise this money for my country – and I came home to a wonderful surprise yesterday.

UPSI walked in to a UPS Package…did I order something that I forgot about on Amazon?  Probably not, my bank account is certainly not looking that fly.  Let’s just open it!







So I dumped the contents of the package out and the first thing that fell out was this beautiful letter.  It read, “Hi Cheri, Thank you for all your efforts to help people in need in Haiti! I hope these materials will help – let me know if you need more! Best, Carlene”

SwagI dumped everything out of the package and found Mercy Corps swag for days.  Key chains, magnets, literature on Haiti, a calendar, and  little more literature detailing what it is that Mercy does in addition to their honorable work in Haiti.  A few goodies to give to folks who donate!  It made me feel so good to feel like I have this organization behind me.  Beside my incredibly positive interactions with them, having them support me through every step of my journey makes my heart smile 🙂 I’m so darn proud to be working with them!

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