This is to all the marathon spouses.

Time to shift the focus of the blog. There is someone I feel like deserves a great big hug, kiss, and a thank you from me.

And I think some of you marathoners out there have a similar person in your lives.

Saturday, as I barfed my way though the final 9 of my marathon, there was someone on my mind.  Austin had dropped me off in the freezing cold, held my things, and reassured me all morning as I worried in Elon.  I know it wasn’t warm, and he fielded two mid-marathon phone calls as I sobbed and told him that I was throwing up, in grotesque detail, with incredible strength and calm.

“Okay love you so much. You can do this”

“Almost there babe. Love you”

A few of the reassuring texts I received from him, not to mention the kind words he passed along as I called him from the port-a-john.  Yep.

I raise a glass to you, marathon spouses.  Those of you who encourage through training, show up for race day, hold all the stuff, jangle a cowbell, and act like you’re happy to see us, even though you’ve been waiting in the cold, bored for hours?  We love you.  We appreciate you.  And we can’t wait for the day when we can do the same for you.


Death of the best bra ever :(

Y’all missed me?  I bet.  I’m the friggin brightest spot in your day, right?  So I was at the Inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC, which I will tell you awllll about later.  Give you a little preview though, it was good!

So onto the stuff.


I pulled my laundry out, pre-race, and LOOK just LOOK, look, at what I found!  One of the hooks broke off of my Juno, the best bra ever, leaving me fairly braless for my race.  Whatever, I made it work.

The story behind the bra?  This bra really kind of changed things for me.  So mid grad school, I was hired to teach Zumba at the best place in the whole world, a little slice of heaven, Camp Pocono Trails, a weight loss camp nestled in the Poconos.  (If you ever watched “Fat Camp” on MTV, you’ve seen where we were).  I felt so weird about my body.  I wasn’t in great shape, and my boobs (sorry boys) were the bane of my existence.  My mother, whom I swore was so wrong, convinced me not to go for a reduction, citing that “You’re reading all those magazines and Rihanna looks like a little boy.  Is that who you want to look like?!?!”  A roommate of mine who was endowed similarly told me to go to Omega, and get this bra.  It was the first bra I’d ever found for girls like me, with a large chest, that would protect, compress, and not make me feel like a big fool, flopping down the street, as I struggled to get on the health train.

The bra took me through that summer.  It traveled with me to classes, certifications, licensures.  It ran down the street with me shirtless, making sure nothing fell out of place.  I sweated.  I doubted.  I accomplished.  The bra is actually a little big, beacause I did’t by a new when I lost a few pounds.  And now, I think it’s time to let the bra go.  Bras shouldn’t see a birthday, and this guy saw three.  So RIP, Juno.  I’m not ready to throw it out yet.  Should I have it framed?



Mercy Swag

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of working with Mercy Corps to raise this money for Haiti.  I wish I could work in their office, because the folks there have been nothing short of incredible to work with.  They’ve worked tirelessly to build me up and to support me as I raise this money for my country – and I came home to a wonderful surprise yesterday.

UPSI walked in to a UPS Package…did I order something that I forgot about on Amazon?  Probably not, my bank account is certainly not looking that fly.  Let’s just open it!







So I dumped the contents of the package out and the first thing that fell out was this beautiful letter.  It read, “Hi Cheri, Thank you for all your efforts to help people in need in Haiti! I hope these materials will help – let me know if you need more! Best, Carlene”

SwagI dumped everything out of the package and found Mercy Corps swag for days.  Key chains, magnets, literature on Haiti, a calendar, and  little more literature detailing what it is that Mercy does in addition to their honorable work in Haiti.  A few goodies to give to folks who donate!  It made me feel so good to feel like I have this organization behind me.  Beside my incredibly positive interactions with them, having them support me through every step of my journey makes my heart smile 🙂 I’m so darn proud to be working with them!