I am a huge dumb-dumb!

I’m partially telling you this cautionary tale so you don’ t make the same mistake when you’re donating to my campaign.  (I’m not far from my goal, I need a few hundred dollars, and my Haitian brethren will be rollin in the dough! Sorta.)

So I was beyond beyond thrilled that Yoga Kerri was able to, with the help of her Yoga for Runner class, raise $103 for us.  Like beyond blown away.  She totally went above and beyond what she needed to, and I’m so grateful.  So I finally went and collected the rest of the Yoga donations.  I went to deposit them today, and accidentally made a huge huge boo boo.

Here is where you’re supposed to donate:

You're supposed to click the giant green button thing from my campaign to donate to Haiti.
You’re supposed to click the giant green button thing from my campaign to donate to Haiti.

Here is where I accidentally donated.

I clicked down here without thinking, which sent the Yoga money to the general Mercy pot, instead of to our specific campaign.
I scrolled down here without thinking, which sent the Yoga money to the general Mercy pot, instead of to our specific campaign.

So at this point, I immediately called donor services, which was 7pm EST.  “CRAP!” I said to myself.  Because who the heck is gonna be in the office?!  Well someone was over there at Mercy, and they immediately went to the task of fixing my error and re-coding my money for Haiti money, instead of for generic funds.  The young woman I spoke with on the phone was so professional, and she got right on top of fixing my dumb mistake.  (Thank you Mercy Amanda!)  Once again, Mercy Corps proves to be absolutely stellar to work with!  Between the care packages, the emails, the notes, and now the fix of my $100 mistake, I would love to work with these great folks again!

Three years later, a bittersweet anniversary.

I will keep this short, because I know this anniversary brings a lot of hurt and terrible memories for Haiti and it’s beautiful people.

On this sad anniversary, I wish to Haiti and it’s people continued peace and restoration.  Things are not where they need to be.  Too many folks are still living in tents, cholera is too rampant, and some of us have forgotten how hard it is for some in Port-au-Prince.  An anniversary is a good time to renew hope and awareness to the rest of the world.

Click below to visit Mercy and to view their personal progress thus far in Haiti.  Our work is far from over.


While Running for Haiti…

…I almost forgot that real life goes on.  I wish I only had to focus on this blog, and collecting my funds, but regular life presses on!  The good stuff, the bad, and the heinously disappointing.

And to say that this week has been an epic emotional roller coaster wouldn’t even begin to touch the surface of what I’ve been going through.

I couldn’t get out of bed this morning.  And I had to say to myself , “Self!  These miles aren’t going to run themselves.”  And while it was physically challenging at first, I just told myself to put one foot in front of the other til it wasn’t hard anymore.

Well I came home to two things that put a little smile on my face.



If you’ve been following along, you know the nail polish thing is borderline problematic.  But a shade I’d ordered came in the mail today, a full two days before it was scheduled to, and Mercy sent me a little package with a certificate of appreciation for me!  My name’s on it and everything.

So call me corny, call me pathetic, but I’m going to be admiring the heck out of my new certificate and nails!

Mercy Swag

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of working with Mercy Corps to raise this money for Haiti.  I wish I could work in their office, because the folks there have been nothing short of incredible to work with.  They’ve worked tirelessly to build me up and to support me as I raise this money for my country – and I came home to a wonderful surprise yesterday.

UPSI walked in to a UPS Package…did I order something that I forgot about on Amazon?  Probably not, my bank account is certainly not looking that fly.  Let’s just open it!







So I dumped the contents of the package out and the first thing that fell out was this beautiful letter.  It read, “Hi Cheri, Thank you for all your efforts to help people in need in Haiti! I hope these materials will help – let me know if you need more! Best, Carlene”

SwagI dumped everything out of the package and found Mercy Corps swag for days.  Key chains, magnets, literature on Haiti, a calendar, and  little more literature detailing what it is that Mercy does in addition to their honorable work in Haiti.  A few goodies to give to folks who donate!  It made me feel so good to feel like I have this organization behind me.  Beside my incredibly positive interactions with them, having them support me through every step of my journey makes my heart smile 🙂 I’m so darn proud to be working with them!