When a truly good CD comes out, I skip the iTunes thing and buy the CD. Gavin DeGraw, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse – all CDs I had to hold in my hands. As a present for me, I made a special trip to Target (which I usually avoid in order to skirt the issue of wrecking my budget), and picked up JT’s album. Sigh. That boy is perfect.  And it’s going to come out that he was black at one point in his life.  Mark my words.

The things I do for love…

The things I do for love...

Love of my hair, of course.

In the never-ending saga of “shiz I’ve had to purchase online for my hair because they don’t put sufficient amounts of black products in regular drug stores,”  (and that is another post, for another day,) I purchased my ORS (formerly Organic Root Stimulator) Twist and Lock Gel off of Amazon. Because I’m an absolute idiot, for some reason, I inadvertently purchased 4, because I’m completely incapable of reading product descriptions because I get so excited, I just hit “proceed to checkout”. Not to worry though. My swift procurement of four of these bad boys ensures that I will not be on that frustrating hunt for this product in local drug/cosmetic stores while my hair grows at a furiously rapid pace at least until the summer, if not until the end of the year.  So rest easy folks.  Can’t cut the mane, til I finish the absolutely obscene amount of product that arrived today.

**Correction.  I opened the package, and discovered that there were 6 containers in the box, along with 2 free nail files?!  My hair’s gonna be down to my toes by the time I finish this stuff.**



We are running the Shamrock Marathon in 18 days.

It seemed sort of far away since it’s in March but it’s almost here! Kinda calm, kinda freakin out.

20 Miles Today

20 Miles Today

Never in a hundred million years would I think that I would be running around in the cold for 20 miles. But I did it. At 6am it was me, Kathy Griffin’s autobiography (which literally had me falling over laughing at one point), some fairly caffeine-free nutrition, and a meet up toward the end for a few miles with my work bud, Jenny. And I did it! And I don’t feel like dying. I’d say all-around, 20 was a success. Now bring on the taper-madness! (PS I had a Roctane left over at the end, so that’s going to be my lucky gel from now on.)

Sister thang!

So I always think it’s interesting to kinda see where folks come from. Do they have siblings, who did they grow up with blah blah. This is my younger sister, visiting me from Charlotte. Her visit forced me to bump my long run to last Thursday, and now, I’m basking in the relaxation of not having 18 miles hanging over my head.

So I was teaching my Zumba class today and out of the corner of my eye, I see someone popping and locking. It’s Debra. Ladies and gentlemen, Debbie Armour.


This is what Raynaud’s looks like.

This is what Raynaud's looks like.

I ran my long run yesterday, which was 16. Ouch! Everything felt pretty good until the last two miles. At that point all I could do was literally talk to myself until I finished.

Anyhoo, it was about 50 degrees out, but my hands still did their Raynaud’s thing. (Raynaud’s is this thing I have where my hands and feet lose circulation all the time. Very painful, and very annoying. Regular people can get it, and it can also sort of be “induced” in patients with Lupus or who’ve been through chemo. I am lucky that this is not the case for me. I was just born this way.) So if you look in the pic, you can see the partition almost where the blood has just decided it’s not going to flow. I combat this with a lot of fish oil, warm clothing, and windmilling my arms whenever possible!