This is what Raynaud’s looks like.

This is what Raynaud's looks like.

I ran my long run yesterday, which was 16. Ouch! Everything felt pretty good until the last two miles. At that point all I could do was literally talk to myself until I finished.

Anyhoo, it was about 50 degrees out, but my hands still did their Raynaud’s thing. (Raynaud’s is this thing I have where my hands and feet lose circulation all the time. Very painful, and very annoying. Regular people can get it, and it can also sort of be “induced” in patients with Lupus or who’ve been through chemo. I am lucky that this is not the case for me. I was just born this way.) So if you look in the pic, you can see the partition almost where the blood has just decided it’s not going to flow. I combat this with a lot of fish oil, warm clothing, and windmilling my arms whenever possible!

3 thoughts on “This is what Raynaud’s looks like.

  1. I do this in my toes!!! I don’t know if you ever noticed but it would happen at TM gigs. My two toes closest to my big toe, on both feet, would completely lose circulation and turn white.

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