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If you’re a runner, surely by now you’ve heard of Meg Menzies, the runner and mother of three from Virginia, who was struck and killed on a run earlier this week.

From the looks of things, it seems like she was doing everything right.  She was running against traffic, wasn’t running in the street, when an allegedly intoxicated driver crossed the white line and hit her.

And on Saturday, bunches of us are running our miles and dedicating them to the mother of  three, who lost her life on Monday.

It really freaked me out when I read about this and got me thinking.

A little over 2 years ago, one of my campers was killed when the driver she was riding with failed to negotiate a turn in the middle of the night.  He escaped, with a .09 BAC and a broken wrist.  She did not, and was consumed by flames when the BMW caught fire.

It really, really bothered me for months, and I went so far as to reach out to her mother, who seemed glad to talk and share about Remy, who was nothing short of a firecracker.  She loved it when I played Beyonce in class, she wore this jangly Tiffany’s bracelet all the time, and once screamed at us for making her clean her room.  So I looked up the kid who’d killed her.  And found that he was still being held in a prison in Norfolk, coincidentally, an hour from where we’d camped that summer.

I thinking of writing him.  I’m not still super angry.  Or sad.  But I do bet he doesn’t feel great in the least about what happened, and I do bet it could be interesting to talk to the guy who spent his last few moments with my girl.  I totally forgive him.  I already had when I realized he would have to spend the rest of his life thinking about how Remy had passed.  But I want him to know that.


Okay real life first.  I attended a very lovely wedding today of some close friends of ours.  It was unique in that, 1, they did it at a neighborhood bar/cafe, and 2, they did it on a Sunday.  It was a lovely time, and it’s wonderful to get some ideas for our upcoming nuptials.


The favors were super cute, personalized pint glasses, and the company was divine. Congrats to the happy couple!

Moving right along. 

The issue with cyclists/runners came up last week when a good friend asked a legitimate questions about whether cyclists had to abide by the same rules that cars did.  (Absolutely yes).  Another friend, (this took place on Facebook,) sort of jokingly commented that all cyclists were idiots and that they should get off the road.

All jokes aside, this sentiment is not a rare one.  The following was a huge deal in Raleigh, after a local morning DJ made some nasty comments about local cyclists.

“On September 22 and 23 of 2003, Dumas encouraged listeners to call in and relate stories about how they terrorized bicyclists. In the course of that show, he said that he kept empty bottles in his vehicle so that he could throw them at cyclists. [2] These statements caused protests from the local community,[3] who successfully lobbied for an official resolution that the capital of the state was friendly to bicyclists[4] and convinced some local businesses to pull their advertising. Bob was suspended for two days and station management aired an apology.[5] Eventually a compromise was reached between the community and station management.[6]” 

And folks wonder why I literally hate morning radio with such a passion.

The point is, cyclists and runners alike aren’t looked upon favorably by non-runners and cyclists.  I get it, there are some folks who act like a-holes when they get on bikes and go for a run.  Don’t follow the rules.  But the majority of us follow the rules, and generally just don’t want to be killed by a driver who’s texting their friends on the way to work.

The Accident

About a year ago, I was coming home from a party around 1 am, and I happened upon a cyclist who’d been hit by a car.  The car had clearly left the scene, and he lay in shock while a few of us tried to figure out what to do.  He was doing what he was supposed to.  He was wearing a helmet, had a blinky on his bike, and was riding in a well-lit, well-populated area.  As it turns out, the driver was driving without a license, and was impaired when she hit him and left the scene.  Poor guy was in shock, and I believe he survived, but broke his leg and got 70+ stitches out of the deal.

Cyclists + Runners

All this said, most of us cyclists, walkers, and runners are doing what we can.  We wear our bright clothing, follow the rules of the road, turn down our iPods, and pay attention,  And at least once a run, I’m forced to give folks the “what the hell!” hands because they’re flying out of a right turn so quickly that had not jumped out of the way, I’d be a goner.  The few of us that act like a bunch of wieners don’t represent us as a whole.

So please, please, if we follow our rules, 

  • Put down the cell phones.  Usually when I almost get run over, it’s because someone is texting, or dialing a call out of their phone.  It’s illegal in most of the Northeast, but we know that the South doesn’t always catch onto these things quickly.  So be proactive, and put it down.  ESPECIALLY those of you with kids in the backseat.  Seriously, what the heck are you teaching your kids?  And how is that safe?
  • Be careful pulling out of your driveway. 
  • Likewise with the right turns.  Please resist the urge to slam out of the neighborhood, doing 50.
  • Be aware, especially if you’re driving a newer car or a hybrid, that we can’t hear you coming.  They manufacture those cars to be quiet, which is fancy and great, but we can’t hear you, so be cool coming around curves and coming out of your driveway.
  • Obeying the speed limit is crucial, especially in pedestrian heavy areas.  That way, if you do hit someone, death isn’t eminent.


I don’t want to die during a run. That’s not how I pictured it going down. So I don’t care if you saw a cyclist being a jerk in Cary once. I don’t care if you don’t get why they can’t just ride their 30 miles in a cul-de-sac somewhere. I don’t care if you don’t understand why runners don’t always opt to find a greenway. It doesn’t matter. It literally does not matter. Share the road, and avoid a situation where we’re reading an avoidable obit in local news.

Summah motivation – I’m going streaking!

The weather is getting warm, and the heat, plus North Carolina humidity has this way of zapping your motivation for anything but sitting by the pool in a pink bikini with a cold Mich Ultra.  But alas, you don’t get any faster, musclelyer, and you don’t get paid for sitting around, sippin on kCals.  Womp womp.  Cue the RW Run Streak, here to save the day.




During those long hot days, there aren’t really any races to motivate you.  For the past few weeks, I’ve literally had to drag myself, kicking and screaming, either to the gym, to the mat, or to put running shoes on.  And I always feel better during and after the workout, but the getting started party is like so….::side eye::, ya know?  So the RW Run Streak is this thing where, from Memorial Day (yesterday!) to the 4th of July, you run at least one mile, every day.  It’s a 39-day-streak, and it gives me a reason to add a mile onto whatever it is I’m doing, plus it gives me a sweet excuse to turn that iFonuh on selfie mode and grace your computers with my sweet mug.  So RW Run Streak, Day 1?

Streak 2