Summah motivation – I’m going streaking!

The weather is getting warm, and the heat, plus North Carolina humidity has this way of zapping your motivation for anything but sitting by the pool in a pink bikini with a cold Mich Ultra.  But alas, you don’t get any faster, musclelyer, and you don’t get paid for sitting around, sippin on kCals.  Womp womp.  Cue the RW Run Streak, here to save the day.




During those long hot days, there aren’t really any races to motivate you.  For the past few weeks, I’ve literally had to drag myself, kicking and screaming, either to the gym, to the mat, or to put running shoes on.  And I always feel better during and after the workout, but the getting started party is like so….::side eye::, ya know?  So the RW Run Streak is this thing where, from Memorial Day (yesterday!) to the 4th of July, you run at least one mile, every day.  It’s a 39-day-streak, and it gives me a reason to add a mile onto whatever it is I’m doing, plus it gives me a sweet excuse to turn that iFonuh on selfie mode and grace your computers with my sweet mug.  So RW Run Streak, Day 1?

Streak 2



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