Starbucks + Alcohol. Dream come true, or nightmare on Elm Street?

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard.  Starbucks, coffee behemoth, is going to start to serve alcohol nationwide.

Is this idea a good one, or is a total nightmare?

Well, as you know, I’ve been a fan of Starbucks simply for the fact that you can find one virtually anywhere that you are in the world, and their coffee is, at the very least, decent.  But when Starbucks announced on their website last week that they’d be serving alcohol, I definitely raised an eyebrow.  Here’s what they had to say about it. 

The place you love during the day now has more reasons to love it at night.

We’ve always been your neighborhood spot where you can take a moment to unwind, grab a well-deserved treat, and meet up with friends. But sometimes, you just want a glass of wine and a delicious bite to eat without going to a bar or making a restaurant reservation.

Say hello to a new way to enjoy Starbucks after 4 p.m. Drop in after work, with friends, after yoga, by yourself, after a long day or after a great day.

The food is amazing. The wine selection is simple and smart. The chairs are just as comfortable as they are in the morning.

We hope to see you soon.

via Starbucks

My main reservation? The food at Starbucks is literally so bad, so how good could their wine be?  I love wine the same way I love scones – is Starbucks looking for a way to ruin everything that I love?

I’m interested to try the wine, maybe pair it with some food I haven’t tried before, and let you all know what I think, but suffice it to say that Mama is skeptical about the coffee giant’s latest additions to their growing menu. 

Oh P.S. wanna hear a new take on Starbucks?  Visit The Skinny Confidential and read on why she switched off her Starbucks addiction.  Really, really interesting!

7 thoughts on “Starbucks + Alcohol. Dream come true, or nightmare on Elm Street?

  1. I’m having mixed feelings about this – does Starbucks really have to take over the world?! I do love my good glass of wine. But, there are so many places to share a glass of wine – it’s nice to have specific coffee venues as well that are good for low key alcohol free nights as well.

  2. I went to a Starbucks in Seattle that was testing this and it was pretty weird. However, people were digging it. The place was packed. So I guess people are ready for it?

  3. I have mixed feelings about this, too. And I’m not even quite sure how to put my thoughts into words. It doesn’t seem all that surprising to me that they want to extend their market/sales/etc., but I think selling liquor will make their niche market a little fuzzy and possibly less supported.

    1. Well last time I was in DC, there was a little shop there that turned into a wine bar at night, and they actually did serve liquor if my memory serves me correctly. Starbucks, I think, is only staying in the wine game, but I’m just concerned that the wine is going to be disgusting and that it’s going to dilute the brand! But maybe not, it could be kinda cool. I’m still pretty sure I won’t be meeting my girls for wine nights at the local Sbux though…

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