Here’s what! What three things are you obsessed with this week?

It’s Friday y’all, and time for my Here’s What!

In case you missed it the past few weeks, here are a few links.



And in case you’re still dumb (jk, jk), my here’s what is my “here’s what three things I’m obsessed with this week,” which I totally stole from Andy Cohen, my American Idol.  Andy, please, give me my own show!  I need it!!!  Okay, here goes though. 

Lake Street Dive. 

A friend tagged me in this video on the YouTube, and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

Rachael Price is that lead vocalist, and even though the show was totally sold out, I was able to purchase exactly one ticket.  I know a few friends are hitting the show too, so I should be able to try to find them, but yes, I love Lake Street Dive enough that I’m just going to go to this show solo dolo.

The weather.  

I promise, I’m not lame.  Which I have to say because I recognize that it’s pretty lame to be posting about the weather on my blog.  But it’s been disgusting, especially by NC standards, and I’ve been forced onto the treadmill more than I’d like this week.  Mid next week in good ol’ Raleigh, we will be well into the 70s here.  When we had a snow storm and people were abandoning their cars this week. It literally makes no sense.  But whatvevs, I’ll take whatever keeps me off the treadmill for a day or two.  Raise ya glass for 10 miles on Sunday!  Woohoo!

These Minnetonka Boots

1798801_10100273811496543_1882547200_nI blogged on these a few weeks ago, how I’d been dying for some to add to my collection, so imagine my surprise (delighted surprise), when Austin told me to close my eyes and open a shoe box?  They could not be more perfect!  Gah, they’re exactly what I needed!

So what three things are you obsessed with this week?  

I want…

This list is one of those things that’s both running and non-running related.  It’s one of those lists that I may be able to get to some of it this year, and maybe some of it not.  But it’s that list that if the stars all aligned, the money was just a-flowing, this is what I’d want.  And maybe, with the proper planning, I can make this all happen.

  • These boots.

Minnetonka 3

I had a pair, and I wore a hole through them.  I really really miss them, and I would like to get another pair.  One of these paychecks….

  • These tights to go with my Minnetonka Fringed Boots.

Winter Leggings

  • These wedding bands.  (I will probably be in possession of these August 23, 2014).
photo (9)
Two rose gold eternity bands. One on the top, one on the bottom. How pretty!!!
  • A Starbucks gift card with an unlimited balance. I would get a decaf latte with skin and two Splenda once every few days.
  • To go horseback riding.  I realized today that I have not been on a horse since 2010, and I’d love to go for a trail ride.
  • To run this.



There are a few things standing between me and this want.  One, the lottery.  I haven’t entered (it’s not open yet), it’s 26.2 miles in hilly San Fran, and tickets to San Fran ain’t cheap!

  • To have a full-time job as a fitness blogger.  Then a book.   Then a line of cocktails like Bethenny Frankely had.  Oh my god my heart just went a-flutter thinking of it.  Can you imagine?
  • This computer to blog from


  • A nice camera for the blog so I’m not relying on my phone for your photos.
  • For the rooms in my apartment to be painted.  I need to recruit Austin for this undertaking.
  • A dog.  A dog a dog a dog!!!  Austin says no, but I’m working on it.
  • Jackie Warner’s abs/friendship.



And that’s about it for now.

What’s on your wishlist?