If you want to keep moving, make it happen.

Working out this winter has been really hard for me.  I am by no means the poster child for the best worker-outer of all time.

I’ve done it, but it’s been really hard.  It’s a few things I think.  I finished the Chicago Marathon in October, which was amazing.  But once I did that, I felt a little…draggy as it pertained to my workouts.  I got them in, but didn’t really run more than 10 miles following that.

And then, before I found out I was pregnant, but was pregnant, I was really dragging.  I would go to Flywheel for a class, and sort of wonder why I wasn’t really making waves on the leaderboard.  All makes sense now…

But I’m starting to get to the point in my pregnancy where my energy is coming back. My motivation isn’t always there, and that’s annoying, but I do what I can to at least get moving, motivated by the fact that I’m teaching my baby good habits, even in the womb.  (Which is actually a thing, if you’re thinking about having kids/currently in the process of cooking one).

So yesterday, I taught my early morning BodyPump class, and fully intended to hop on the treadmill to get more steps in, but I was really lazy, and ended up picking up some email that I really needed to catch up on, and before I knew it, it was afternoon, and my brother and my husband were asking what we had around the house to eat.  I popped a lasagna in the oven, and while it cooked, I grabbed a step (like a step aerobics step), turned on a 136 bpm mix that I’d just gotten for class, and went for it for like 20ish minutes.  I didn’t run a marathon or solve the issues surrounding world hunger, but it was enough to get my heart rate slightly elevated, and keep me feeling not-crappy for not doing something to get my blood pumping.


All that is to say…

Austin and I get some ribbing from folks, a lot of times family, when we make time while we’re at home to work out.  It doesn’t hurt our feelings obviously, but it’s one of those things that just makes you go “hm” because it seems like, for a lot of people, fitness is the first thing to go when things get messy.  Long day?  Skip the workout!  Happy hour later?  Skip the workout!  Favorite show’s coming on?  Skip the workout!

Which seems really silly when we think about the things we do not and would not skip.

We shower, brush our teeth, go for mani/pedis, go to triva Tuesdays at the wing place, never miss Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  All things that are required in some of our minds.  But we skip something as simple as marching up and down on a step for 20 minutes.  Why?

What if we bumped working out up on our priority list – made it less of a negotiable, and more of something we hate to miss?

What if we made working out, something that we wanted to happen, instead of something that we dreaded?

Need some ideas?  Check out this dope article I read and Well + Good the other day, How Busy Women Make Their Workouts Happen.

How do you find time to move?  

Do you find yourself bumping your workouts down on the priority list?

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